Curious what can happen to you in one year if you become our colleague?

You will meet 300+ people that are just as passionate about technology as you
We’re a fine bunch here at Accesa, and we are all here because we just happen to genuinely share the same values (which also happen to be the company’s values), being all very ambitious to give the very best that we possibly can, in every single project.


You can discover your inner leader or consultant and make things that matter
Because we believe that “Excellence comes from within”, we empower people to become leaders and reputed specialists in their field. We have an open-minded culture which offers people the opportunity to develop their soft skills or to work on projects that matter for them. In 2016, along with a Leadership program, we’re also launching an especially devised Consulting learning program.


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You will supercharge your functional knowledge
Whatever’s your technological interest, our competence centers pretty much cover them all. But because our focus is to create valuable solutions, we use our functional know-how to do so. As so, along our daily activities, we organize functional knowledge sharing sessions, we provide learning opportunities and give employees the freedom to acquire hands-on experience by getting involved in projects where functional know-how is needed.


Enjoy a 365 day experience of an awesome work-life balance
One other thing we proud ourselves with is the work-life balance that people seem to enjoy in Accesa. Of course, you can enjoy a 365 day experience in just one year, but we assure you that this isn’t limited to just a one year experience!


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Become more fit and more relaxed
No, this isn’t a slogan for a gym. So it happens that the company offers free massage sessions and access to a private trainer, which can help you get into shape and live a healthier, fuller life.


Dedicate more time to your hobbies
We’re very sure that for most of you out there, tinkering away at some personal IT project is probably already a hobby. But in the same time, we’re sure that you also have other interests, and in Accesa you can find a number of Hobby Clubs where you can find people who are passionate about books, DIY, mountaineering and many more.


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We’re currently recruiting talented and IT professionals at all levels. Discover some of our open positions here, and get in touch to submit your application or to inquire about any of our positions.