Recap: the first Docker Meetup in Cluj

On the 14th of April we held the first Docker Meetup in Cluj, as an official Docker partner. The atmosphere was exciting and thick with passion for Docker and cakes.

Docker Meetup Cluj #1



















We kicked off the meetup with an introductory presentation held by our colleague, Alex, about Docker Ecosystem, Docker Basics, Containers vs. VMs and why Developers care about Docker.

Docker Meetup Cluj #1



























The format of the event helped newcomers learn how to build, ship, and run distributed apps with ease thanks to the Docker platform. During the event, there was a self-paced beginners’ tutorial for attendees to learn Docker as they created an app. Our colleagues, experienced and passionate Docker users within Accesa, were mentors and helped developers learn during this training.

The training

So, after the introductory presentation, participants joined the training and went through the steps involved in running and developing a simple voting app from a fresh computer using Docker Toolbox and Compose. They created an app based on the example voting app, that also had an API endpoint that returned a JSON element with personalized information to identify participants’ name, location, Twitter handle, Docker Hub repo and the results of their vote for one of the following programming languages: JavaScript, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, C++, Golang.

This simple app included:

  • a Python webapp which lets you vote between several options
  • a Redis queue which collects new votes
  • a Java worker which consumes votes and stores them in…
  • …a Postgres database backed by a Docker volume
 Docker Meetup Cluj #1 Docker Meetup Cluj #1
 Docker Meetup Cluj #1  Docker Meetup Cluj #1
 Docker Meetup Cluj #1  Docker Meetup Cluj #1

At the end of the event, we actively celebrated the Docker Project’s 3rd birthday with more cake.

Docker Meetup Cluj #1



















Thanks to all guests for coming, hacking and the good discussions. It was great meeting you all and we look forward to seeing you and other community members in three months, when the next Docker Meetup will have its next meeting. More talks are planned and the community ingredient will be enhanced by a various group of speakers. We’ll announce the date in the next 2 weeks on

In the end, many thanks to Stefan Szasz, Alex Vranceanu, Mihai Seulean for the effort they put into bringing Docker to Cluj community, to Docker for collaboration and to Tania Vranceanu for taking great pictures at the meetup.


About Docker

Docker is an open platform for distributed applications that allows developers and IT administrators to build, ship and run applications anywhere. Common use cases for Docker include:

  • Automating the packaging and deployment of applications
  • Creation of lightweight, private PAAS environments
  • Automated testing and continuous integration/deployment
  • Deploying and scaling web apps, databases and backend services