A glance at monitoring services

Monitoring is like a visit to a doctor. A mix between extensive knowledge and understanding, know-how and technology enables to determine a system’s performance. The doctor is scanning for alarming signs, same as a monitoring system is capturing data. The analogy becomes more pertinent especially when we realize how vital real-time data and actions are. Undoubtedly, wise companies avoid starting monitoring after the alarm rings and they supervise systems 24/7.

However, monitoring services are far more strategic than they seem. Beyond the 24/7 monitoring, they support optimizing the data flow and access in a complex and dynamic environment. Proactive monitoring focuses on measuring the quality of services and client experience by eliminating disruptions which can interrupt service availability and business outcomes.

Monitoring wall

This June, we installed an eight full HD panel Eyevis monitoring solution that enabled our team to be one step ahead of the time in offering support to our clients.

Monitoring wall

Monitoring wall

The panel is the first line of defense for any potential situation that could otherwise affect the productivity and workloads of other teams. If there is a need to intervene or something changes, we acknowledge it instantly, being able to eliminate the issue or notify the responsible team in a very short time.

We might think that if the system is up and running, there is no need to tease it. But problems come in different flavors and levels of complexity, so the importance of adding a service as monitoring for network infrastructure, databases, exchange servers, virtual machines and so on can be outlined in managing the systems’ health, ensuring service availability and improving business performance. Moreover, creating a source of essential information will empower businesses to design future growth.

Currently, our monitoring team is working 24/5 shifts, supervising:

  • Global network infrastructure
  • SAP job chains and scripts
  • Services (check services, databases, printing queues)
  • Virtual Machines
  • Exchange servers
  • Domain Controllers
  • Backups

In the future, we will expand the systems and services being monitored, depending on requests and improvements we will bring to the current process. The latency is minimal, no more than 2-3 seconds, and we are using 100% of the space on the monitors, with some room to customize the layout to accommodate further add-ons. At any moment, there are at least 2 people monitoring.
Monitoring team

The panel helped us augment the agility in delivering application managed services. Now, by providing full IT service capabilities – technology consulting, application development and application managed services – we are able to help companies ensure business continuity and innovation at any stage of their projects. Our application managed services expertise is provided within an integrated approach, being able to undertake and manage the entire lifecycle of an IT solution: application monitoring, 2nd and 3rd level support, incident management, change management, build & release management.