A behind the scenes look at Cluj Bus app

All developed cities in the world offer a network of quick, safe and easy to get means of public transport, so that people can move freely around and have an enjoyable travelling experience. Our colleague, Mátyás Fábián, gave more than a thought to how to enhance the travelling experience in Cluj and launched an interactive application, which turns the bus trip into a lovely experience.

The app is:

Cluj Bus

Find your way in Cluj-Napoca

We admire our colleague’s initiative and wish to share his project.

Navigate your city

Cluj public transport has had lately a positive development: new buses and trams, modern stops, the possibility to purchase tickets via text messages, new bus services or routes. Now, you can get to Polus Center in due time using different buses and get to the Airport using two bus services. Also, you can visit areas around Cluj using the new services M, getting to more and more naturally and culturally rich villages.

Cluj Bus is an interactive application, available in 4 languages (RO, HU, DE, and EN). The app offers permanently access to the bus stops and points of interest around you, as well as to all available bus services or routes. The app was created by a small and enthusiastic team as a response to the needs of the city’s inhabitants. They have given special attention to all details and easy use.

Cluj Bus App Cluj Bus App


  • Offline interactive map of Cluj public transport, personally created by the team (overview including all neighborhoods)
  • Integrated compass for an easier orientation
  • Sequence of all stops on a route
  • Schedule of bus services
  • Points out stops having ticket kiosks
  • Points of interest (touristic, cultural, institutional, medical and taxi stops) around bus stops or according to categories
  • Announces the current or the next stop while on the bus
  • Searches routes in the network of Cluj transport
  • Searches stops around the streets the user names
  • Finds stops and points of interest around the user
  • Allows the user to purchase tickets via text messages.

Of course, a couple of other new exciting features are planned, but the team prefers to let them be a surprise :-).

Behind the scenes

The idea of the app came from the need to offer a modern mobile solution for the public transport, which has itself its infrastructure modernized, but also from an eco-friendly point of view – the wish to contribute to more fresh air in Cluj-Napoca by encouraging people taking the bus instead of taking the taxi or the car.

The app’s development took a couple of months for two developers, spread over the span of a year, as they worked on it on their free time, and, as Mátyás says, he “loved the idea because the project’s goal was a reachable one and the content could be created by us (the team).” The team picked the GPS station coordinates by hand in order to have a very exact database, they wrote from scratch the custom map creation tool, which, because of the convoluted state of the bus lines, exposed lots of challenges to arrange them into a schematic form. The UI flow design also came with its challenges and the team simplified it a couple of times for a better user experience.

Cluj Bus app can be used successfully as a city orientation guide for tourists as well, due to the many included information: poi, neighborhoods, taxi stops, etc.

The app has been officially launched in June and, currently, it works only on iOS devices, but the development team is thinking to port it to Android as well. See the details here.


We enthusiastically encourage and support colleagues to experiment, innovate and bring their ideas to life within organizational programs as ShipIT Day TechInitiative or personal projects.

Congratulations, Mátyás, for bringing your idea to life!