Accesa’s 2018 Year in Review

What a year 2018 was! Usually, starting with such a statement really puts some pressure on the story to follow. But trust us, it was a year of building great things together.

Accesa’s 2018 Year in Review

What a year 2018 was! Usually, starting with such a statement really puts some pressure on the story to follow. But trust us, it was a year of building great things together.

It was a big year for all of us at Accesa, as 2018 marked our fourteenth anniversary. It also marked our listing in 2018 Inc. 5000 Europe with a 243% three-year sales growth. Having been listed on the Inc. 5000 Europe list was a remarkable achievement, shared by each and every one of our colleagues.

This was just the tip of the iceberg as it proved a month later when Accesa made the FT 1000 list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies. With revenue growth of 243% between 2013-2016, a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 50.8%, and revenue of 3.6 mil € in 2016, Accesa is ranked the third among the four IT companies from Romania to have made it on the FT 1000 list of fastest growing companies.

All of us contributed to these achievements as it was a team effort that effectively lead to the company’s great results.

Continuing our people-focused events

Over the past years, we’ve made a promise to ourselves to keep our events a tradition. As a people-oriented company, we know that the people of Accesa are without a doubt our secret ingredient.

Was it a fun year? It was definitely a challenging one and we wanted to celebrate and stick to each one of our traditional events.

We’ve gathered for Accesa Women’s Day, for our Accesa in the Sunlight summer event, at our traditional and very own Oktoberfest and last but not least, our end of the year Winter Party. As usual, our clients and partners took part in our events. They especially enjoyed our challenge of building wooden therapeutic toys for children during the second edition of a workshop we organized in December.

Sweat it – sport is really our thing

We’ve completed marathons and we successfully participated at a Spartan Race in Spain. Our colleagues ran an outstanding 1748 km. Also, we tried out our football tricks and flicks during the Corporations Cup. For this event, we scored 34 goals and worked out with our personal trainer for a full total of 273 hours. That’s 655.200 kcals burnt during 2018! Or roughly 3200 beers. To answer the question above, we could say it was a fun year indeed.

Not only we had fun, but we made working fun as well, with a very successful ShipIT event. This is our 24-hour challenge, this edition dedicated to Employee Experience, an event that encourages innovation and restates our mission of accelerating digital transformation.. Here you can watch the video of the event.

New members to the Accesa family

It was a big year in numbers, as we welcomed more than 250 new colleagues at Accesa.

Even in 2018, we never lost track of our personal development. We took part in workshops on 10 different topics and we had 215 self-development in-house coaching training sessions. Overall, the learning is always on our mind, for both our technical or soft skills. In 2018, over 60% of all Accesa’s people were involved in various learning activities, including in-house English and German classes with our very own teachers.

Strong partnerships enabled us to grow

Accesa envisions a world where technology lies at the core of every business and we focus on constantly develop. We restructured and concentrated our business activities under Accesa IT Group GmbH, thus consolidating our position in the European market as a full IT services provider. This endeavour was backed by the grand opening of our second office in Germany, in Frankfurt, together with the launch of the Consulting Business Unit in Germany.

Strong partnerships make companies develop. That’s why in 2018 we partenered with UiPath in order to enable business transformation via end-to-end Robotic Process Automation. Furthermore, during last year’s second half we also partnered with OutSystems for fast delivery of enterprise-grade app. In September we became an SAP PE Service Silver Partner on Hybris Commerce. All these partnerships enable us and our partners to ensure a consistent increase in the quality of the work we provide.

We gathered a lot of insights on RPA after our participation at Gennex, in Switzerland – where, to be honest, our booth was quite an interactive attraction. Watch this short video to see why.

Ready for 2019? We already layed the first brick

Remembering 2018 made us think of what lies ahead, what challenges and opportunities are to come in 2019. We can only say this: 2019 will be the year to remember, as it will mark out 15th anniversary. To give you a glimpse of what awaits, this is our anniversary logo for this year.