Accesa and Java: how we broadened our technological horizons

Two of my first challenges at Accesa were to build a new team and to work with technologies like EJB or Hibernate in a promising context.

Accesa and Java: how we broadened our technological horizons

After my first visit at Accesa, in February and an exchange of ideas later, I came to be more and more convinced about the beautiful future that we could achieve together as a team. Two of my first challenges at Accesa – as a developer with years of expertise in Java – were to build a new team and to work with technologies like EJB or Hibernate in a promising context.

Six months have gone by and I have now the opportunity to share some of my experience with the community and more specifically, to give an image about what we really do in our Java business group.

Accesa has a background that is mostly associated with Microsoft, but since the end of 2013, we began to broaden our enterprise technological spectrum by adding Java. Starting our collaboration with German clients including the Media Saturn Group gave us the possibility to grow in number and in value of Java skills.

So we oriented towards people – starting to form a team with passionate people, who wanted to grow professionally. This was my true challenge: to keep the trend of our developers’ long term expertise growth, while gathering together different personalities with different habits into a team – in a short period of time. And now, looking at my colleagues, I am happy to see so many valuable, cool and enthusiastic persons having joined the team until now.

Less About Business, More About Technology

From the technological side, the premises are quite interesting: we are involved in projects covering the entire flow of enterprise application. Goods Management System, Mobile Returns Home or Master Data, are just some of our projects. In general, we cover the management of store clients and products entirely. Our contribution to the projects’ spans from development, improving code quality (refactoring or working with design patterns) to architecture and design modeling. We use thin clients (JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript), rich clients (Swing, Flash, Centura ) or phone clients (Android, IOS) communicating with the backend through web services, messages or remotely. Backend is mainly based on EJBs 3.+ and Hibernate.

What finally brings the “being a Java developer in Accesa” to a whole is our regular technological trainings and the habit of keeping up with good practices and ensuring code quality. This way, each colleague from the team gets the opportunity to work in an environment where one could, step-by-step, grow professionally next to senior developers, consultants, experts, architects or project leads. Our team is continuously growing and that’s why we encourage you to get to know us, to ask about opportunities and to understand Accesa’s values. See more about our open position on Java here.

I’d like to end my intervention with a debate about JavaFX. Can you offer pro and cons about developing rich clients with JavaFX or other technologies?