Publisher's Info

Accesa IT Group GmbH

Walter-Gropius-Straße 17, 80807, München

HRB 192326
CEO: Iulian Iuga

Accesa Holding GmbH

Walter-Gropius-Straße 17, 80807, München

HRB 208814
CEO: Iulian Iuga

Accesa IT Consulting SRL

Calea Dorobanților 98-100, 400609, Cluj Napoca

RO 16347848
CEO: Iulian Iuga

Accesa IT Systems SRL

Constanta 12, 400158, Cluj Napoca

RO 32930567
CEO: Iulian Iuga, Andreas Emhart

Accesa Schweiz AG

Zwicky-Platz 3
8304, Wallisellen

CEO: Iulian Iuga
Chairman: Urs Brawand

No warning without previous contact:

In case of assertion of claims of any kind of copyright, competition law and trademark law we ask you to contact us immediately. Doing so unnecessary litigation, warning letters and costs can be avoided.

If claims of the type mentioned above are raised, we hereby promise remedy, before a legally binding clarification is found. Thus re-offending is excluded.

But if still costs are raised by a third party without previous contact we will fully reject them and, where appropriate, submit counter suit for infringement of aforementioned provisions.