At Accesa, „tech meets nice”. Our customers state that we have the friendliest specialists ever. But our teammates are more than nice and flexible. They have a unique blend of passion, courage, respect, proactivity, and modesty that makes Accesa a loyal partner, as well as an employer of choice.  

Through knowledge, continuous learning, collaboration, and open communication, our great people are ready to develop long-term connections and outstanding partnerships. 

Accesa. Digital evolution, good company.


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At Accesa we have created a strong culture around living a balanced life that supports our personal development on a multifaceted angle. Living proof is our Employee Net Promoter Score of 40, which earns Accesa the “Gold” badge on Officevibe’s benchmarking scale for employee engagement. Our holistic benefits program is designed to nurture our wellbeing, focusing on four main pillars: physical, emotional, social and work-life balance.

Work-Life balance

Flexible hours, home office, extra holidays, workshops, parenting classes are just a few of the benefits supporting our work-life balance.


We have an in-house personal trainer and nutrition adviser that develops personalized sports programs and nutrition plans.


We work alongside our in-house coach to boost our self-confidence, find solutions to challenges and harmonize our state of mind.


We are proud of our hobby clubs: Climbing, Hiking, Sports, Board Games, Social Responsibility, Dancing and Photography.

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