Modernize your workflow by providing software solutions that are context-aware, proactive, intuitive, adaptive and optimized for use

Why Office 365 with us?

Improve processes efficiency by showing information in the right context.

Enable workforce mobility at any location and on any device.

Have insights into important running processes right at your fingertips.

Provide a unified experience across business applications.

Ensure stability and reliability of both the platform and IT solutions.

Modernize applications and ensure scalability with new technology.

Migrate existing applications to Azure and Office 365 or a hybrid.

Have access to IT talent without the management overhead.


Extend your service offering with functions outside the core business.

Ensure output predictability and accelerate release cycles.


Collaboration flow

We start with your high level business objectives, then elicit requirements through various techniques such as on-site workshops or by analyzing process documentation/user manuals.

We follow-up with an analytical process, measuring the Office365 platform’s suitability for your needs and when this is the case, devise a technical concept that will fulfill your requirements.

Once the concept is agreed through one or more alignment meetings, we proceed to the implementation phase, constantly leveraging customer feedback via regular demos or intermediary releases.

To ensure effective rollout of the application, we provide end-user videos, in-app user guides or other forms of training that will enhance adoption.


Business analysis

User experience design

Rapid prototyping

Technical architecture


Agile project management





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