Interview with Andrei Buchman, ServiceNow Solutions Architect

As official ServiceNow partners and with an already extensive experience deploying ServiceNow solutions for our clients, we have witnessed just how much added value this platform can bring into operational processes. It is not enough to choose a successful and scalable cloud platform to act as a business performer; perhaps, more importantly, companies should rely on service providers who can thoroughly support them with becoming flawless in their IT workflows. 

The vision of ServiceNow is “to make the world of work, work better for people” and since 2004, the company has become a leader in ITSM solutions and one of the largest cloud providers worldwide. Their core capabilities and digital transformation engineering are catalysts of business performance. 

We asked our ServiceNow Solutions Architect, Andrei Buchman, to introduce us more to the ServiceNow world and explain why harnessing its power can be beneficial for enterprises, regardless of the industries they perform in. 

What projects have our SN teams been involved in?

We are currently involved in several projects of different complexity. Most of them are around customizations on the ITSM area, mainly focused on the Service Catalog functionality. We also have several projects in other areas such as Governance, Risk and Compliance, IT Business Management and Custom Application Development. On our internal ServiceNow instance, after performing the initial implementation, we are currently working on expanding ServiceNow functionalities and have performed several integrations with third-party systems.

Why is ServiceNow such a valuable platform to use for IT services and operations?

Well, enterprises need structure, security and scalability because these are core business drivers. ServiceNow leverages improved workflows, enables processes automation, provides a robust reporting engine and contributes significantly towards a healthy overall system so that productivity and efficiency can take over everyday work activities. We’ve seen it ourselves, as an IT Service Provider, just how important it is to rely on ServiceNow to unlock our productivity. 

When we decided to implement ServiceNow internally, we knew that the previous software could no longer support our needs as a fast-growing company. Once we reviewed the current processes and agreed upon points of improvement, we then managed to do a full internal implementation, integrating ServiceNow with external systems and adding custom applications for certain departments.  

We started off with an in-depth analysis of existing processes and decided on a target for the initial release. We focused mainly on the ITSM product but also included custom functionalities for the HR and Legal departments as well as integrations with SCCM, SharePoint and UiPath.

In all our implementation projects, especially for German Banking and Financial Services providers, the top three benefits emphasized by our clients were:  

  • Positive customer feedback
  • Efficiency ensured by automation
  • Improved overall processes

What other important advantages does ServiceNow bring, especially in terms of business value?

In an everchanging world, by harnessing the power of ServiceNow, companies can stay ahead of issues and disruptions, help resolve everyday work problems in near real-time and also minimize costs. Consolidating legacy IT tools on one platform means that you can reduce costs by automating support for common employee requests and provide users with an easy way to handle repetitive tasks. 

ServiceNow allows people, functions and systems to come together and drive rapid innovation, increase business agility and unlock productivity. At the core of the platform, there is one data model for the entire IT business spectrum which comes with the benefit of an improved flow of work and significant cost reduction.

Most ServiceNow new clients (around 85%) start from the ITSM product. This however is only the tip of the iceberg in regards to the platform capabilities. Whether you want to take advantage of the predictive intelligence functionalities available in the ITSM Pro subscription or whether you want to take advantage of other platform applications designed to automate and optimize IT service operations such as IT Operations Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance or IT Business Management, ServiceNow has a solution for you. 

Last but not least, by partnering with a ServiceNow solutions provider, companies can deliver resilient and compelling remote service experiences, offering improved employee service experiences by reducing paper-based processes and making way for friendly service delivery with a unified employee portal, mobile, virtual agents, and more. 

Employees can easily obtain answers, make requests and get help across departments. At the same time, this provides leadership with valuable data on how to anticipate trends, prioritize resources and determine service improvements. In the long run, this can only drive the business forward and accelerate positive outcomes, by aligning IT services and operations with company strategy.

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