Business context

The Swiss start-up company, Spontacts, was founded in 2006 having in mind the idea of enabling people to be more spontaneous in organizing their leisure activities by making the planning of free time simpler and funnier. The concept behind the application is inventive and simple: members should easily come into contact with other people who share the same interests and spontaneously organize their leisure activities.

Through a solid partnership, accesa helped Spontacts bring the product to market quickly despite all challenges of a startup: the access to a full range of technical skills, budget constraints and product time to market.

Being given the success of Spontacts on the Swiss market, the company was acquired by Scout24 Group in July 2012 and a web version of the application was launched in Germany at the beginning of March 2013.

Project Overview

Spontacts is a free mobile application for iPhone and Android that enables users to find common leisure activities and potentially interact in real life. As such, they can meet new people and find interesting local activities by, for example, agreeing spontaneously to go to the cinema or play football. It is also used in existing friends’ networks for organizing activities in an easy and spontaneous way. The application leverages the social network Facebook, but goes beyond users own circle of friends.

The application is being based on the client-server model. accesa’s team, composed from 5 persons (project manager, developers and testers) assured the development and deployment of the two Client components of the project:

  • Android Client Application
  • iOS Client Application

Working in close cooperation with Spontacts’ founders, our team was involved in project’s ramp-up stage and in all technical aspects of the development process for the Client applications. While the project development was driven by Agile methodology, we assured functional, system, integration and performance testing. Technical advising was provided with respect to functional design and user experience.

Staying all time abreast with mobile technologies, accesa team made sure the application reached a high degree of usability. We were constantly involved in building, developing and implementing various activity modules, deals modules, search and filter section, communication and notifications. For example, the “Summer Special Frappuccino” feature launched in Switzerland experienced a great success: people “bumped” their smartphones together using the Spontacts mobile application and received a 2-for-1 Frappuccino voucher, which they could redeem at any Starbucks in Switzerland over the summer months.


The project was based on Agile Methodology and the development process assumed: project management, assessment of application functionalities, development, building infrastructure for development, deployment into production, testing, maintenance and support.


Spontacts application makes organizing easier, inspires new actions and helps finding active people with the same interests in real life. In Switzerland, the application created the most successful recreational community with over 50,000 members in a short time.


iOS, Android

Time Frame

August 2011 – October 2012