Opt for a fine-tuned, end-to-end methodology that will kick-start and sustain pragmatic innovation for your business

Our digital exploration ecosystem

A fined-tuned, end-to-end methodology that allows us, together with our co-innovation partners, to kick-start and sustain long-term innovation for businesses.

Ecosystem components


Formal lean approaches in identifying and validating digital solutions and opportunities with business impact.

Solution blueprints

General or sector specific, turnkey solution schematics for business needs, that are born by harnessing emerging technologies.

Sectors emerging radar

Proactively identifying solutions and opportunities for our strategic sectors bring an extra plus for our customers.

Innovation focus map

Our introduction starts with understanding why and how will the innovation efforts impact today and future business.

Rapid prototyping

Get from an idea to a digital prototype that allows field validation with real customers.


Nurturing and expanding partnerships with middleware providers or universities generating a competitive advantage in speed and insight.


Tech for business workshop

Consists of 1-2 days workshops exposing business people to disruptive technologies by building limited prototypes. e.g. Build a Chatbot Workshop.

The program

Consists of 2-4 weeks of value proposition design, feasibility and prototype for validation of a business idea based on technology.

Innovation lab

Co-setup and support a long running organizational structure working on an idea backlog using a Digital Exploration Program approach.

Digital prototypes

In-store virtual digital assistant

Speech to speech assistant with a visual touch interface that offers to customers information regarding best deals, other users reviews about the discounted products and where can they be physically found in the store. This digital solution can improve and scale in-store customer experience and also provides the chance to do up-selling according to the customer interest.

Shelf digital concierge

A branded scanner mobile app to easily pin-point the best products from the “overloaded” shelves. Customers pre-configure their ingredients preferences and exclusions to be highlighted on a camera overlay. Products that fit are shown important ingredients information that is simply explained. This solution saves customers lengthly time spent on reading products labels, making the in-store aisle experience a fun and efficient one. Retailers or manufacturers can understand better customer preferences.

Banking self-service agent

Natural language chatbot that offers customers information about products and services like fees and accounts and also can initiate processes like opening accounts or sending various applications to the bank. Customer engagement improvement to 24/7 and bank cost reduction and processes simplification.


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