SharePoint 2013 to Azure IaaS Migration

Client background and business context

Client profile: Global leader in innovative lighting products, as well as intelligent and connected lighting solutions.

Project: Migration to Azure IaaS and the incorporation of Office 365 services within the new infrastructure.


Our client decided to upgrade their data centre and bring it to the same level of smart and efficient solutions as the rest of their business. The company was looking to move away from the complicated three-stage SharePoint 2013 environment running on the premises at the time and to migrate the infrastructure to Azure IaaS, while incorporating Office 365 services within the new infrastructure.

To this end, the company needed a partner with the necessary know-how and experience to design the entire plan for creating and executing a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Carefully analysing the situation at hand, together with our partner, we decided on the following objectives for our collaboration:

Redesigning the data infrastructure in order for it to be more efficient and effective to work with – to increase working speed and flexibility, boost team productivity, and continuously ensure the performance and reliability level that their customers had come to expect from the company.

Migrating the current infrastructure to Azure IaaS.

Incorporating Office 365-managed services within this new infrastructure.

Ensuring a seamless experience of working within the resulting hybrid cloud.

Our approach

We accompanied our partner every step of the way on their journey towards efficient and modern data infrastructure. We:

Prepared the data within the three-stage SharePoint 2013 environment our client was working with at the time for the upcoming change.

Designed the architecture of the new and improved infrastructure according to the project and business objectives.

Carried out the configuration of a hybrid cloud that would comply with the client’s business development programme.

Migrated the infrastructure to Azure IaaS and incorporated Office 365-managed services.

Developed an intuitive, user-friendly monitoring concept that would provide the client with a boost in productivity.

Drove ongoing support to ensure the client maintained their high ranking.

Connected services:


Microsoft Azure IaaS/PaaS

Hybrid cloud

Microsoft Office 365

SharePoint Infrastructure


Given our previous experience with similar cases, every single project objective was successfully met:

A more flexible, productive, and more reliable infrastructure in Azure IaaS replaced the complicated three-stage SharePoint environment.

Office 365-managed services were incorporated into the new infrastructure for an even bigger boost in performance.

The project was executed in a time frame that positively impacted the client’s business, given our understanding of the agile development methodology, thus our ability to perfectly align with our partner’s operations.

Our three+ years of experience working with Azure enabled us to provide our client with solutions regarding the usage of this public cloud option – a backup/restore strategy that enabled the client to save financially.

Having provided our knowledge of the ITIL methodology in the past as well, we continue being a reliable partner for our client, offering ongoing support of their Azure-based environment.

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