Client background & business context

  • Client: German bank 
  • Project: ServiceNow health assessment 


  • As is the case for every company operating with multiple customizations performed by external companies, our client needed a rather urgent mapping of its ServiceNow environment. In order to prevent any critical issues, effectively measure performance and determine which process points could be automated, they came to us with a request to run a full SNOW health assessment. 

Our approach

We thrive on creating a match between our tech consultancy capabilities and the digital evolution objectives of our clients. For this specific project, given the industry in which the company operated and the amount of workload it generally implied, we quickly set off to understand the need of efficiency and also reducing unnecessary complexity. As such, our health assessment included: 

  • An in-depth investigation of the main ticket generators and, subsequently, a thorough review of the underlying process   
  • Pinpointing which process steps could be automated   
  • Implementing and automating the following: ticket creation, request approvals, end-to-end request resolution   
  • Organizing review meetings twice a month to identify new automation opportunities and review outcomes of previous results 


  • ServiceNow 


Our commitment to having a client-centric approach was a definitory element for the entire collaboration, which transpired into us acting as a trusted business advisor, providing best practices for our client's industry and ensuring deliverables which were easy to digest and act upon: 

  • Fast turnaround within an agreed timeframe (10 days)  
  • List of improvement points centralized in a clear roadmap 

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