Client background & business context

Accesa is a key partner in providing successful solutions to our customers. Especially within the European Public Sector, Accesa helped us greatly with their experience, professionalism and above all flexibility to ensure customer satisfaction. I would strongly recommend working with Accesa.”

Daniel Brakopp, Senior Partner Manager Public Sector, CANCOM Managed Services GmbH


  • Client: Public agency (end client) via our channel partner, CANCOM, leading digital transformation partner
  • Project: A common platform that digitally transforms one of our beneficiary’s core processes by enabling a secure, modern, standardized, efficient and collaborative way of working for all parties involved in the process of data


Due to changes in legislation, the client faces several challenges regarding data exchange between involved parties, such as:

  • Specific requirements to share data with the public and with each other
  • No standardized, consistent way of managing their own data
  • Lack of an established flow for data interchange
  • No formal IT-based information interchange system in place
  • The client is determined to provide a consolidated data interchange platform for all parties involved

Our approach

Based on the insights gained in a thorough analysis of the client’s needs, as well as the pain points identified in the process, we designed and implemented a digital solution specifically tailored to meet our client’s requirements: a secure web-based application to digitize, simplify, and modernize the information interchange. To fully accommodate the need for enhanced security, we have designed a secure solution for the data uploaded by all parties involved, while also preventing unauthorized access to data.

For the implementation phase, we continued to rely our work on an already proven agile methodology, with a milestone-based delivery.

Transparency and consistency in communicating were also essential factors, which ensured a successful solution delivery within the agreed time, scope and budget.


  • React – JavaScript framework
  • SharePoint site pages and webparts
  • SharePoint hosted WCF services
  • C#
  • ORM Framework
  • SQL Server Database


The application designed and developed specifically for the client’s data processing flow has led to an error-free environment, increased time efficiency, automatic data validation, ease of information processing, control over own data for the involved parties and the possibility to make information available for the public or share data with other parties in a timely manner.

More specifically, the collaboration with us has resulted in:

  • Process digitalization: High volumes of time-consuming, error-prone, manual data validation work are
  • Increased efficiency: The provided software application enables a quick and precise data processing, validation, and publishing in just a few clicks; the processing of huge amount of data is automated and thus considerably
  • Consolidated, centralized data management: The platform ensures a standardized data submission process for all involved parties, while also providing a history of the actions performed and the uploaded records for increased
  • Mobility: In accordance with the principles of a modern workplace, application users have the possibility to use the application via mobile as well, therefore benefiting from an enhanced user

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