Client background & business context

"In a tough, dynamic project with targets moving quite frequently, Accesa was always a rock in the surf in terms of flexibility, openness, professionalism and radiating calm. It was a real pleasure and honor to me, to have Accesa as a reliable and highly skilled partner in the SAP GCP project. Having everything done in time, budget and quality stands for itself." Georg Kappelmeier, MediaMarktSaturn IT-Services
  • Client: MediaMarktSaturn
  • Project: SAP Basis Migration to Google Cloud Platform from on-premise



  • Infrastructure optimization: Our customer was looking to gain flexibility and optimize costs, and upon our recommendation they decided to move to the cloud.
  • Multiple and complex landscapesspread over several countries, interconnected with many external systems. 
  • Tight deadlines: as the customer’s contract with the on/premise provider ended in 9 months’ time since the project kick-off, we had to work with tight deadlines to make sure we deliver on-time.
  • Working with a complex and dynamic customer environment: many stakeholders from various departments and levels were involved.
  • Ensuring a smooth migration path: resolving collateral and adjoining subjects generated by the migration, not provided for in the planned activities, which required additional research and knowledge

Our approach

Since we have worked with the client for many years, we had a thorough understanding of their SAP systems landscape, and we are seen as trusted partners. 

Our SAP Basis experts have put together a complete migration plan, starting from the design of the architecture, through elaborating the step-by-step process, in close cooperation with the various affected stakeholders, marking each step and milestone, timelines and deliverables. 

To make it all happen, we have set up regular meetings and calls, to remain coordinated and rapidly respond to changes and roadblocks that could hinder the on-time and in-scope delivery or the project. 


  • SAP SWPM (Software Provisioning Manager)
  • SAP DMO (Database Migration Option)
  • GCP (Google Cloud Platform)


With a highly flexible approach and the vast knowledge and experience of our specialists, we have successfully migrated 6 critical landscapes, comprising of a total of 19 systems from on-premises to cloud included in the project, within the agreed timeframe. As a result, the client’s systems are working faster, and usage costs are optimized. 

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