Client background & business context

Client profile: multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company.  

Project: design, development and continuous support for a SharePoint-based project management software application, to help the client make the switch to a digital process. 


  • An ever-increasing number of projects dealt with manually.  
  • Complex and non-intuitive RACI matrix and objectives for the several stakeholder groups within the project management process.  
  • No real-time information on project progress. 

Our approach

The scope of the project management solution we designed and developed for our client, is to simplify the workflow and the controlling steps, while offering real-time data for each project.  

  • Several aspects guided us in digitalising our client’s project management process, considering their specific business needs:  
  • Several groups of stakeholders implied that the application had to be developed with several user groups and layers of access in mind, to keep the process running smoothly and risk-free.  
  • Email notifications are automatically sent to the right stakeholder group, at the right time.  
  • Email templates are predefined for specific user activities, like status updates or budget requests.  
  • Milestones are set for every project, giving people a clear view of their roadmap.   
  • Moreover, specific milestones and mandatory rules are predefined within the application for every type of project our client is handling, speeding the entire process up and making it less error prone 
  • Versions of the project are created when reaching specific milestones in the roadmap, helping people to track the evolution of the project closely.   
  • Specific checklists are also predefined for every project uploaded; hence, stakeholders involved in the process can be sure of the accuracy of their work.  
  • Contextual information can be easily added to the documents managed in the project management application.  
  • Project status reports are generated with a simple click, providing our clients with valuable insights whenever the need arises.  
  • An explicit digital history of every change made to the project is recorded.  
  • We worked based on the agile methodology with a milestone-based delivery, adding to the application’s functionalities and capabilities with every sprint. This supported the priorities set by the client and enabled us to deliver according to plan. 


  • C#  
  • SharePoint  
  • SQL database  
  • Angular  
  • Kendo UI 


This SharePoint-based application enables the people managing projects to move from pen and paper activities to a fully digital, highly efficient and effective project management process. More specifically:  

  • Given the different user roles, access layers, and standardised project templates, the client is adopting an error-free way-of-working.  
  • Project managers involved gain valuable insights into the process – pain points, bottlenecks, or improvement opportunities – thus allowing for continuous improvements.  
  • Through the application’s embedded versioning functionality, the client benefits from improved traceability of the output of the project management process.   
  • Digitalising the project management flow translates into substantially improved collaboration for the people involved.   
  • Overall, the client’s process gets a boost in accuracy and efficiency, to the advantage of both company and employees.   

Accesa continues to provide full lifecycle app management services, in order to calibrate the solution to perfectly fit the client’s business needs and ensure maximum scalability. 

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