Client background & business context

Client: Swiss software provider and partner for companies activating in the financial sector 

Project: the creation of a new portfolio management application for the financial industry. 


The main goal of this project was to successfully launch a product that would improve the process of portfolio management for the financial industry. Delivering value in a short amount of time with a high-availability of the system and zero-downtime releases was also among our priorities. Some of the challenges for this project were: 

  • Co-creating a viable product: specially designed to solve problems encountered by our client’s target-personas  
  • Quickly validating initial business ideas and design principles: be sure that by using the data collected during the discovery workshop and the further calibration meetings, our product team was able to offer added-value to the end-product  
  • Delivering value in a short amount of time: with a high-availability of the system and zero-downtime releases.  
  • Being sure that we build the right product: while building a product is a rather hard task, being sure that we are building the right product requires maturity from both a business and a software point of view  
  • Finding technical solutions that support the product idea: ensure that all possible failures are mapped and taken into consideration for the actual prototype. 

Our approach

The client needed a trusted and knowledgeable partner to co-create a brand new and improved product in an agile manner. The company is a Swiss partner for institutional clients managing sizeable investments in unlisted funds, including hedge funds and other alternative assets. This means that the company’s software solutions must deal with sensitive data collection and usage. Hence the need for secure, reliable and easy-to-use software that would complete this software provider’s portfolio.  

We were commissioned to create a brand-new application that improves the portfolio management process. As part of the approach, we started with a discovery workshop. This allowed us to collect data and to deliver value by assessing that data.  

For this project, we were in the position of not only building a product, but also the right product. By agile co-creation, prototyping, and validation sessions, all while being UX focused, we managed to shape business and market-relevant requirements. These steps further allowed us to implement the product by using smart technology solutions. Besides the ideation part, we also provided a dedicated autonomous team with senior professionals, and we provided an AWS cloud solution that runs on top of Kubernetes. 


  • Java 8, Spring stack (boot, core, web, security, data, JPA, Hibernate)  
  • AngularJS 4, AWS, PostgreSQL  
  • Apache Nifi, JBoss Drools  
  • Docker, Nginx  
  • Okta for SSO  
  • Maven, Gradle, Jenkins  
  • Agile, Scrum Methodology, multiple streams: coordination, functional, technical, DevOps 


For this project, we launched a product that improves the process of portfolio management. The collaboration continues with clear continuous-delivery steps that enable the delivery of a product that fits market needs.  

By collaborating with Accesa, our client benefits of: 

  • An agile and mature partner capable of addressing efficiently and quickly all customer’s needs  
  • Fast future workable prototypes and software increments to be used in validating the value proposition as well as the architectural and technological decisions that support the product idea  
  • High transparency throughout delivery and complete control of efforts input that facilitated achieving all internal goals  
  • An ongoing, solid partnership for continuous deliveryand improvement of the product. 

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