Client background & business context

  • Client: Germany’s largest broker of private construction financing  
  • Client’s figures: US$234 million (2019)
  • Project: Core system enhancement for bespoke scalability 


  • Bespoke system scalability: Enhancing a core-business system which is used in multiple countries which comply to difference regulations, therefore increasing the need for highly customizable business processes 
  • Technology mixture: a mixture of inhouse legacy and modern frameworks that required deep introspection before modifying any layer of the application 
  • Security assurance: Due to the extensive client data existing on the platforms a secure working environment had to be ensured for the autonomous team assigned to this project, including a segregation of testing environments and a strict deployment methodology 

Our approach

Our client uses a core system for providing to the clients and the operators an unified portal that serves the main business objective: finding the best financing options in the German market for private house mortgages. With the diversification of countries where the service is offered, the need for better customization of functional and regulatory processes did arise, as well as the need for supporting bespoke installations of the core system in different locations.  

Accesa was employed to achieve the goals of enhancing the system’s scalability whilst making the “local” deployments of the system easy to maintain and align with the central deployment of the system. The challenge resides in conducting a series of workshops with the stakeholders to ensure that the system re-design serves the goals of various departments and functions such as: Brokerage consultants, Product Management, Partners (banks), internal staff (Marketing, HR, IT Support). 

The main objectives of the project were to decouple the bespoke markets from the central core system, whilst maintaining in the bespoke system the same best practices and project structure as the central core system gets enhanced. 


  • Java J2EE (Velocity, OracleDB, Apache FOP) 
  • REST interfaces, AJAX 
  • Bitbucket, Gradle, Jenkins 
  • Tomcat server 


The stakeholders confirmed that we achieved the two main objectives: scalability” and “decoupling”. 

A few notable achievements of the projects are: 

  • Complete migration of the business processes from the central system to the local-market system 
  • Incremental migration of the core functionality which supports old-to-new test comparison, in order to keep all the functionalities which were coupled to the core system intact 
  • Automated test-suite coverage for the migrated modules which support easier maintenance and enhancements 
  • Implementation of custom functionalities of the local markets, from scratch, on top of the decoupled system which resulted form the initial part of the project. 

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