Client background & business context

  • Client profile: Big Three lightning manufacturing company in Germany 
  • Project: End-to-end 24/7 Monitoring services. 


Given the company’s size and global distribution, our client was in need of an experienced IT partner to help manage the ever-increasing demand on business systems and operations all around the globe.  

The client needed a dedicated, knowledgeable team to ensure high availability of core applications, monitor all critical network and infrastructure devices, as well as act as a single point of contact between the client and multiple external providers – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

Our approach

With the client’s main objectives in mind, and considering their specific business needs and challenges, Accesa set up a dedicated team of technical support engineers with 24/7 availability to: 

  • Perform frequent checks of network and infrastructure devices, in order to identify potential issues and proactively inform the responsible contacts in a timely manner 
  • Constantly monitor routers, switches and VPN connections and notify local support and/or the company’s central network team when necessary 
  • Engage with 3rd party equipment providers and internet service providers and maintain the communication bridge until the given problem is solved  
  • Identify and document reasons for outage, in order to keep it from re-occurring in the future 
  • Continuously perform passive and active monitoring of the entire infrastructure – physical and virtual machines in various datacenters 
  • Assure the availability and usability of different services on each machine, keeping a close eye on performance parameters (CPU, memory, storage space etc.), ongoing processes, and applications hosted 
  • Monitor various ticketing platforms, assessing the impact, urgency and priority for incidents and service requests, subsequently engaging the responsible teams to solve the emerging issues in a timely manner, while keeping the client informed until they confirm the resolution 
  • Act as a single point of contact between the client and 3rd party providers and perform incident management within various scenarios 
  • Perform system enhancements to permit scalability and safely run specific jobs in various SAP systems the client is using 
  • Run updates and apply patches on different terminal servers and machines in specific timeframes that in no way affect the user experience or the company’s daily activities 
  • Provide daily reports containing an overview of occurred situations and their resolution 


Cloud computing platforms: 

  • Microsoft Azure 
  • VMware vSphere 
  • IBM Cloud 

Monitoring tools: 

  • Thruk 
  • Nagios 
  • Check MK 
  • SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood (Redwood Cronacle) 

Network security management tools: 

  • Panorama™ by PaloAlto Networks 
  • Cylance 

Ticketing systems/Incident Management tools 

  • ServiceNow 

Enterprise resource planning software: 

  • SAP ERP 


By partnering with Accesa, the client benefits from a robust 24/7 monitoring service, enabling everyday business operations to run smoothly and to generate the desired results. More precisely, Accesa ensured: 

  • Substantially lower business impact of emerging issues due to proactive monitoring and alerting  
  • Significantly diminished the potential of security threats  
  • End-to-end availability of the client’s production system  
  • Continuous network availability  
  • The client’s best interest is always protected within 3rd party transactions 

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