Client background & business context

  • Client: enterprises that manage large amounts of documents that require signatures
  • Project: eSignature software that integrates with existing IT infrastructure and speeds up document processing 


Organizations of all sizes and from all industries must deal with signing or stamping documents for their day-to-day activities. The manual process of printing papers, signing, then scanning or sending the physical documents can be lengthy and requires that the stakeholders be close to the office, so they can sign or receive the documents. 

For large enterprises which have headquarters in several countries, plus clients and partners across the globe, physical proximity simply is not an option. Furthermore, shipping papers over long distances leads to long wait times for signatures and higher degrees of uncertainty as important can arrive late or be lost during transport. 

All the delays and inefficiencies add up, especially in some industries like banking, and lead to a lack of agility or overview of their data and documents. 

Our approach

The concept for the digital solution came from actual business needs and challenges that companies in the financial industry face. After identifying the need for a more efficient document processing flow, the next step was to find a way to improve the process without disrupting day-to-day operations or forcing major changes in the company’s digital structure. 

As the Hack2Build hackathon is an SAP initiative, as well as the large number of enterprises already using the software for their internal processes, the decision to make an SAP-centric solution that can integrate with various digital signature applications came naturally. 


  • SAP Integration Suite 
  • OData Services 


During the hackathon, the team created a solution that allows document templates to be uploaded and configured in eSign Anywhere, a 3rd party software for electronic signatures. To better help companies automate document processing without migrating to a new architecture or changing their existing processes, the software has the following features: 

  • Integration with Success Factors Employee Central.  
  • Callback eSign Anywhere on Completed Documents – Triggered when the user signs the document received by email.  
  • sFTP Transfer of the documents and logs from eSign Anywhere – Update Signature Status Completed in Success Factors Employee Central. 

After presenting the proof of concept and demo at the hackathon, the experts from Accesa and Metafinanz won the 1st runner-up prize and much encouragement from the organizers. The team plans to continue working on this project, with the aim of adding new integrations with signature software like AdobeSign and DocuSign, making it more accessible to a wider range of companies. 

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