Client background & business context

Client: leading consumer electronics retailer in Europe​ with turnover over 22 billion euros​​.

Project: seamless and secure on-premise migration of event-driven integration platform to Google Cloud Platform.


With this client, the collaboration was already ongoing, which meant that Accesa was already aware of most of the migration’s requirements. Besides the time limitations, for this project, our team had to surpass and find solutions to challenges such as: 

  • Seamless and secure on-prem to Google Cloud migration: due to the system’s complexity, obtaining a stable migration path that would have ensured no downtime was both a challenge and a must. 
  • Standardisation, scalability and improvement of system reliability: our teams needed to make sure that the system was able to scale based on business needs. 
  • Digital transformation and adoption of new processes: during the planning period, we did the infrastructure discovery and assessment, step during which, we identified a series of processes that could’ve been changed or bettered. Together with the company’s stakeholders, we decided to improve some of the existing processes, or to reimplement other processes in new ways. 

Our approach

For this project, our team offered end-to-end support, structured in 3 major steps: Plan – Build – Run.

The Plan period included analysis of functional and non-functional requirements, as well as the architectural design. The Build part englobed the actual application migration and business process implementation, a period during which we leveraged the available cloud technologies to extend new and existing functionalities.

With the final goals in mind, we designed and implemented a system with focus on data quality, reliability, scalability, and automation. By using a Hybrid Solution for an iterative migration, we managed not only to undergo the full migration to Google Cloud Platform but also to adjust SLAs to business needs.

After the migration, we ensured 24/7/365 Monitoring, DevOps & DevOps On-Call Services, with continuous improvement & automation. We implemented optimisations to costs by provisioning the environment and scaling capabilities, steps that leveraged the Google Cloud Platform technologies.

As part of the Run period, the project included updates to Infrastructure as Code, CI&CD, monitoring, high availability and disaster recovery plans, as well as continuous improvements and optimizations after the migration with 24/7 Support Services.


  • Google Cloud Platform technologies  
  • Cloud SQL 
  • Kubernetes (containerized ecosystem) 
  • Apache Kafka 
  • Apache Ignite 
  • Ansible (automated configuration) 


For this Google Cloud Migration project, our specialists created a new architecture, which covered the optimisation as drafted in the challenges, and implemented maximum availability based on the business requirements.

With the help of the Google Cloud capabilities, the time needed for scaling up or out, creating new systems, or system decommissioning decreased by a significant amount.

Also, we designed the target architecture and the migration process to reduce the functional testing of the systems. This led to a decrease in costs and implementation time but also to a faster time to market. More specifically, our collaboration resulted in:

  • Increased overall data quality, system reliability, and scalability
  • Reduced system complexity
  • Efficiency through automated processes
  • Close to 100% uptime with 24/7/365 Monitoring and DevOps services

The collaboration is ongoing, as we continue to offer full support to the company.

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