Future-ready order management system for retail group

‘[Accesa] understood very well how to accompany us on our path to hybrid e-commerce. We are very happy with Accesa’s responsiveness (over different channels such as JIRA, Slack, mail, telephone), which, throughout the project, had a positive impact on the quality of the work delivered. The way Accesa works is very professional, and thus our collaboration has been perfect so far. Thank you on my behalf and on behalf of our team.’ – Company’s head of e-business, 2018

Client background and business context

Client profile: Leading consumer electronics retailer with €22 billion in revenue (2016).

Project: Integrate a new order management system (IBM Sterling) in the existing architecture.


Securely integrating a new order management system (OMS) platform within the existing digital landscape: including IBM Sterling software in the enterprise’s ecosystem while supporting legacy systems.

Standardising the platform between different countries and regions: making the platform ready to be scalable across multiple brands.

Enabling time to market: efficiently coordinating with all involved systems to deliver the solution on time.

Choosing and implementing a future-ready platform: allowing faster upgrades for future platform versions, thus decreasing the costs of maintenance.

Our approach

Having been partners for more than five years already, our customer trusted us to guide them through the design phase and deliver an effective and comprehensive solution. With a clear overview of the working environment and clear goals, we implemented an agile working environment for three integration teams. We also enabled the customer to have full visibility of the delivered business value and to adjust their priorities accordingly.

We assigned a mixed autonomous team that had full ownership of both the existing and the new OMS platform.

While establishing the integration steps, designing the newly required interfaces and refactoring the existing ones, our teams also made sure that the platform was used to its full potential from both a technical and a business point of view.

Dealing with constant changes of specifications and wanting to maintain a high quality of deliverables, we continuously improved collaboration with the customer by holding workshops and review sessions as each milestone was achieved.

Connected services:


Java EE

IBM Sterling Commerce

JBoss by Red Hat

Oracle Database











One of the big achievements from this project was that the new OMS platform was smoothly integrated so that the company’s daily business processes were not affected. This ensured smooth and error-free implementation for both the stakeholders and the developers.


We cooperated with the customer in achieving its objectives by releasing, in a timely manner, functionalities that helped the company adapt to the needs and challenges that were encountered in the markets in which they operate.

Our teams successfully supported the deployment and maintenance process while having to deal with multiple customisation plans for every available country.

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