Client background & business context

  • Client: Leading consumer electronics retailer
  • Project: 2nd Level Support and Remote Project Coordination  


  • One of our client’s biggest challenge is to make sure all the documents that the users scan is being correctly imported in the system.  
  • Another challenge was managing ongoing projects and successfully keeping processes optimized due to the 2020 pandemic 

Our approach

The Accesa team has the entire knowledge in offering full time support to the users by: 

  • Maintaining a constant, transparent, and open communication with the client’s Project Manager.  
  • Keeping SLA within required limits 
  • Always monitoring if processes and services are running correctly 

We have a good and lasting relationship with our client, and we communicate daily via Microsoft Teams or Jabber. Other than that, anything that needs to be clarified is being done in meetings, when required. 

Also, we take care of collaboration and communication with the client with channels that are open to requests for changes, issues, implementations. We do that by: 

  • Offering best practices and best approach to every challenge 
  • Delivering quality support strategy and experienced SME for Project Coordination 
  • Keeping the team member in sync with documentation, ideas and changes 

The level of trust developed over the years between the colleagues and the Client translates into a stress free environment for the People, and that is why the communication, transparency and the collaboration between team members and the client’s team is running naturally. This wouldn’t be possible without the focus on the people that are delivering.        


  • External application: Lobodms, Capgemini servers, Kofax, Web Jetadmin, Outlook, Teams, Jabber 
  • Internally developed client processes – mainly custom build apps  


By partnering with Accesa, the client benefits from entire knowledge in offering full time support to the users. The 2nd level support strategy makes sure that the company saves time and money as all documents that users scan is being correctly imported in the system.  

Furthermore, the Project Coordination is assured through meetings and task deployment. As an example, during the two-months period when employees were put on technical leave (due to pandemic situation), the Accesa team was able to deliver and coordinate the entire project successfully. It was our responsibility to figure the solution of and manage the situation in cases of system failures or other technical problems 

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