E-commerce migration to SAP Customer Experience (SAP Hybris) for fully customised experiences

“You have understood very well how to accompany us on our path to Hybris
e-commerce. We are very happy with Accesa’s responsiveness (over
different channels such as JIRA, Slack, mail, telephone), that along the project
has helped the quality of the work delivered. The way Accesa works is very
professional and thus, our collaboration has been perfect so far. Thank you
in my name, and in the name of our internal team.” – Company’s head of IT e-commerce

Client background and business context

Client profile: high-end retail brand with €2.6 billion in revenue (2016)

Project: e-commerce migration (to SAP Customer Experience)


For this project, SAP Customer Experience (former SAP Hybris) came as a great future-ready solution. The platform is easy to upgrade and capable of offering a top-of-the-line customer experience to the brand’s existing and future customers.

Besides the actual SAP Customer Experience implementation, our client was looking for a reliable partner, able to guide the business in this platform implementation journey.

Ensure a smooth migration path: due to the extensive data existing on the initial platform and the decided big-bang approach, a secure migration path was required.

Short time to market: one of the main challenges of this project, even before the beginning of the collaboration.

Enable enhanced flexibility: undergoing the migration from the existing e-commerce platform to a more modern system, would the business the flexibility needed to better engage with its customers.

Ensure a seamless implementation of the platform: allow the client can easily add more functionalities when needed. Also, provide the possibility for faster platform upgrades.

Provide after-delivery training and support for the internal client’s team so that they can own the implemented solution and retain the core knowledge.

Our approach

Having in mind the main challenges outlined by our client, we provided a team of architects, consultants, and certified SAP Customer Experience experts, that guided the business in their ecommerce migration journey.

With a combined 40 years’ experience in the SAP Hybris (actual SAP Customer Experience) implementation and knowledgeable SAP certified developers, our team managed to bring all the guidance and the skills needed for a correct implementation of the SAP Customer Experience ecosystem.

This guidance comprised a series of reviews and further adjustments of the initially proposed solution architecture, as well as extensive code reviews. We also made sure that the platform can be used at its full potential from both a technical and a business point of view.

An important step in the approach was to enable the internal team to take ownership of the new platform. So, as part of our approach, we interviewed the client’s team to better understand the level of expertise and to prepare a tailored SAP Customer Experience training. Furthermore, we set up a mixed autonomous team that ensured a fast and correct transfer of knowledge.

We used an agile methodology throughout the project, allowing the client to have full visibility on the delivered business value and to adjust the priorities accordingly.

Connected services:


SAP Hybris




Apache Solr



With clear targets and goals, we managed, together with the client, to release in time a future-ready multi-branded omni-commerce platform. The platform can face all future business challenges the market and the technological expansion may have to offer.

With the help of the ongoing after-delivery training provided by Accesa’s specialists, our client discovered how the new SAP Customer Experience platform can be further tailored to fit the company’s business needs.

A major plus obtained with the help of this migration is that the platform is now easy to upgrade, which is equivalent to a cut in time and money spent on changing or adding features.

Due to the enhanced customer-oriented approach, the new SAP Customer Experience platform enables fully customised experiences to clients worldwide no matter the season or the changes in the fashion trends.

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