Client background & business context

  • Client: the world's leading supplier of production solutions in the woodworking industry with 14 specialized production plants worldwide as well as more 6,600 employees
  • Project: Data engineering, analysis, and web application development 


One of our client’s biggest aim is to stand out from the growing competition by providing easy-to-use software solutions besides his renowned woodworking machine. These solutions are designed to guide a carpenter during all the processing steps, while offering benefits like time saving, better organization, waste reduction and implicitly, cost reduction. Other solutions focus on providing data insights, related to the machinesbehavior, usage, and production output.  

Our approach

With the client’s main objectives in mind, and considering their specific business needs and challenges, Accesa provides the client with a complex IT solution that encompasses:  

  • Data engineering – building and monitoring a reliable Cloud infrastructure that can handle streaming and batch data ingestion, as well as complex ETL processes applied on time series data 
  • Data analysis – analyzing the behavior, usage, and performance of different machine components (saw carriage, main saw, pressure beam) or machine types (Edge banders, Saws, Sanders) and visualizing this data into comprehensive reports and dashboards 
  • Web and mobile application development 

Over the course of our collaboration, both teams – ours and the client’s - have grown in number while learning to work better and better as a single team. The communication channels and tools are used constantly and effectively, which ensures that the knowledge and best practices are delivered in a timely fashion to every team member.  

In our collaboration, we are glad to apply one of the most valuable elements in Accesa’s identity: having a consultancy approach. Our win-win relationship with the client allows us to freely come up with questions or recommendations of new technologies, while adapting to our customer needs, like: bringing value to different areas of his business, integrating his developers into our systems, responding to customers support. 


Cloud computing platforms:

  • Microsoft Azure

Data analytics: 

  • Azure Databricks and Apache Spark

Data visualization: 

  • PowerBI

Web development: 

  • .NET Framework and .NET Core 
  • Angular JS 
  • Ionic


  • CosmosDB 
  • Blob Storage 
  • SQL 
  • Data Lake 


By partnering with Accesa, the client benefits from a stable and custom solution for his needs that helps the company increase digital solution awareness and continuously optimizing project expenditures. More precisely, Accesa ensures: 

  • The development of more than 10 applications that are already released to field test or are already present in the market, 3 of which are dealing with Data Engineering and Analysis 
  • Handling and analyzing 8.5TB of data coming from almost 8000 machines 
  • Providing multiple reports for the client’s development, management, and sales teams 
  • A stable and custom solution for the client’s needs 
  • Support in raising awareness about the importance of digital solutions throughout the whole company 
  • Valuable insights on client data, that have the potential to evolve into useful applications for users, constructors or even sales and marketing persons 
  • Continuously optimizing performance and cost impact of applications 

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