CMS PaaS to Bluemix
IaaS Cloud Service

Client background and business context

Client profile: Global high-tech company, primarily focused on semiconductor-based technologies with €5.1 billion in revenue (2014)

Project: Migration of the client’s CMS from an IBM PaaS cloud service to the IBM Bluemix IaaS cloud service, as part of an ongoing managed services partnership.


As part of their business development strategy and overall optimisation plans, our client decided to migrate their CMS from an IBM PaaS cloud service to a Bluemix IaaS cloud service, also by IBM. Due to a steadily growing rhythm, the client needed a flexible, experienced partner capable of understanding the implications of this substantial undertaking and accomplishing it accordingly. Specifically, the project consisted of:

Migrating the client’s global applications from a CMS PaaS cloud service to the Bluemix IaaS cloud service.

Building a backup platform that was ready to be implemented at the right time.

Ensuring the correct implementation of the client’s network devices in the new environment.

Ensuring the Bluemix IaaS migration with very little to no downtime for the client’s applications.

Ensuring that the client was able to take ownership of the platform right after the migration was completed.

Providing ongoing support and optimisation for the new infrastructure.

Our approach

Having been involved in this migration project from the very beginning, we were able to fully assist the client with our know-how on the matter:

Together with IBM and the client, we worked on an infrastructure architecture perfectly tailored to the client’s business needs.

We provided best-practice solutions for the implementation of the backup platform.

We were actively involved in planning the migration setup for the solutions (VMware, Veeam, OS) incorporated.

We managed to successfully synchronise with three other teams involved in the migration project.

To this day, we continue to ensure the stability of the new environment, given our broad experience with managed services.

Connected services:


Infrastructure management: VMware and IBM Bluemix

Backup platform management: Veeam

Monitoring platform management: Nagios

Storage management


The migration of the client’s CMS from an IBM PaaS cloud service to the Bluemix IaaS cloud service was carried out by experienced and certified infrastructure engineers, who were able to provide valuable know-how and customised solutions:

The change in cloud service environment – from PaaS to IaaS – implied that the client was no longer limited to accessing the platform’s operational system, but could now control the devices up to the point of the hypervisor

The transition of the CMS from a PaaS cloud service to the IBM Bluemix IaaS cloud service meant the client was able to optimise costs, boost the performance of their activities, and gain full control of the data environment

Our client now operates on a new infrastructure tailored to their business needs and outcome projections

Working with us provided the client with the guarantee of professionally managed services.

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