Do you have processes that look like this?

What if you had an application to easily streamline your processes, procedures, and flows?

Use check a task to avoid a slow, faulty and inconsistent implementation of processes, procedures, and flows! Enhance your Microsoft Teams built-in collaboration features with process implementation support, tracking, and reporting capabilities.

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To ensure a powerful and productive organization, check a task provides:

  • Quick and intuitive mapping of complex processes from your organization within a Team or Channel
  • An efficient way of sharing and transferring knowledge between peers, teams, and organizations
  • Support for process transformation and implementation or operational audit
  • A framework for organizations that use various applications and formats for process description and tracking

Once the process has its representation in check a task, the users can collaborate and track its implementation and, if needed, observe the outputs of each step of the process.

How to Build your Custom Templates and ToDos

There are two main concepts within check a task to allow customers to map processes and track them: Templates and ToDos.

  • Templates: They represent the backbone of your processes, where each step and its dependencies are detailed. The step description features a rich text editor that supports links to documents from your organization. You can create a template to represent a process, procedure, or flow in the form of sequential steps in a dedicated collaboration area in Microsoft Teams.
  • ToDos: Create a ToDo when you want to represent a process from an existing template.

Add a ToDo to assign users as responsible for a process step, add due dates and track progress by checking the additional information in any corresponding state: New, In Progress, Done, On Hold!

personal tab allows users to track their own ToDos and due dates.

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Features & capabilities in a nutshell

  • Create/Edit/Duplicate/Delete
  • Overview of Pinned/Recently Used/Most used
  • Drag & Drop
  • Tagging
  • Sharing
  • Import & Export
  • Seach & Filtering
  • PDF Export
  • Create/Edit/Duplicate/Delete ToDos at channel level
  • Track progress of ToDos via statuses: New, In Progress, Done, On-Hold
  • Assign ToDos
  • Set recurrence for ToDos
  • Seach & Filtering
  • PDF Export
  • Generate reports based on ToDos or Tasks
  • PDF Export of reports
  • Seach & Filtering
Personal App
  • Overview of all ToDos
  • Overview of all ToDo items
  • Quick-editing of ToDo items
  • Seach & Sorting
  • Direct links to Tab app
  • Integration with Teams Mobile App
  • Teams Activity notifications

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