B2B multi-brand application for seamless shopping experiences

“Accesa responded with a very good technical solution that showed enough maturity and experience to handle the product we envisioned through all cycles. Our collaboration proved to be very successful, and we are looking to further extending our collaboration in other areas too. Their commitment, expertise, and cultural fit are key for us.” – Oliver Steinle, Head of IT fashion

Client background and business context

Client: CBR Fashion Group

Client’s figures: €500 million in revenue (2017)

Points of sale: approximately 8,400 in 19 countries

Project: create a B2B platform for seamless shopping experiences


For its complex business model, CBR Fashion needed a single modern application that could offer a seamless shopping experience for all its mono-label, multilabel/soft shop, shop in store, and multi-brand stores.

More than creating an application, CBR Fashion was looking for a platform capable of supporting the migration of many other business processes into new applications as part of the digital ecosystem.

Offer seamless shopping experiences for B2B customers and including industry-specific features like stock auto-replenishment, a POS shared basket or order history.

Create a platform that can support the migration of a multitude of business processes into new applications that are part of the same platform.

The company’s complex existing digital landscape with central ERP feeding multiple solutions with data.

Replace undigitised procedures: the company used to use several manual steps and had insufficient documentation for business rules. Most stock replenishment orders were created by telephone, email, or fax, adding risk to the growth and stability of the current business.

Numerous contextual constraints in terms of time, the technology stack, and integration with current systems.

Our approach

Our solid experience in the retail sector, proven by our long-term partnership with other European retailers, allowed us to swiftly adapt and integrate into CBR Fashion’s own IT department.

The technical solution proposed by our specialists was a perfect fit under the numerous constraints of the CBR Fashion context (time, technology stack, integration with current systems). A multi-brand and multi-tenant web platform was created. The platform was fully optimised for mobile devices, thus ensuring better mobility.

Our autonomous team, together with business and IT support from CBR Fashion, quickly became an effective agile team that managed to satisfy the most rigorous requirements in a continuously changing environment. By understanding the complexity of the system, together with the ramifications of the business, we managed to increase the speed of delivery. In addition, we managed to proactively handle the complex functionalities required by the business.

Connected services:




Spring Framework




Microsoft SQL Server


In less than six months after launch, the platform reached an extensive adoption rate among the company’s business customers. Good reviews received during the early stages of the platform maturity cycle helped CBR Fashion increase revenue from their collections and their new never-out-of-stock article replenishment. The company’s users found the platform easy to use and available 24/7 to take orders.

Another major improvement that could be observed was the decrease in product returns.

After implementing a digital mechanism that confirms every one of the delivery notes, it became a lot easier for shop-floor employees to report inconsistencies in deliveries.

With the help of the platform, we made it possible for the company’s digital catalogues to be available immediately after launch. Other specific features such as a shared basked, a complex search system, and real-time stock information helped consolidate each collection’s success. Overall, the platform contributed to an increase in sales and in brand strength.

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