Client background & business context

  • Client: large IT service provider focused on the banking industry 
  • Project: Smart Service Orders Dispatcher 


The banking industry is going through a radical shift of innovation and digitalization, with new and disruptive technologies and business models taking center stage, and efficiency on everyone’s minds. As customers’ expectations evolve with technology, our client identified the opportunity to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for their customers through automation. 

Their current system could not keep up with the substantial number of requests from customers, resulting in prolonged wait times, considerable effort from employees, and difficulty connecting people to the right expert. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was deemed the best solution for this challenge, and they chose Accesa as a tech partner to plan and implement it.  

Our approach

Having in mind the main objectives outlined by our client, Accesa provided a team of UiPath experts to guide the business in their RPA implementation journey. Working in close collaboration with the stakeholders involved and through a consultative approach, our team has organized a discovery workshop to understand the process and gather all the necessary requirements. Then, a strategic plan has been put together to ensure a fast and smooth implementation of the project.  


  • UiPath Studio 
  • UiPath Orchestrator 


With clear targets, deadlines, and goals, Accesa developed and released a future-ready RPAaaS (RPA as a Service) product, ready to be sold to different banks from the client’s portfolio. With it, banks can handle routine customer requests automatically, saving time and effort, and reducing error frequency. 

  • Considerably less time needed to fulfill customer requests 
  • Substantial reduction in error during the process, leading to a better customer experience 
  • More time dedicated to productive tasks by employees 

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