Client background & business context

Client: Leading consumer electronics retailer

Project: modernisation of legacy goods management system for improved demand forecasting and replenishment 


One of the main challenges for our customer was to create better marketing campaigns and promotions for loyal customers. To improve its strategy, the client wanted to optimize the way its customers would receive vouchers, loyalty coupons and discounts.  

Another challenge was aggregating data from different sources and processing it centrally then redistribute it across other endpoints by their web services, ESB or cash-registers.  

Our approach

Keeping in mind the client’s challenges, we proposed a comprehensive IT solution that encompasses all tools and instruments needed for improving marketing strategies and data aggregation processes. Our collaboration with the client started with:  

  • Server administration at OS level: Linux & Windows 
  • Application service management: restart, debug, update, configuration changes 
  • SAS Platform administration: hot fix and patches for SAS Platform, deployment of campaigns, packages, exports files 
  • Scripting for automation: log cleanup, archiving, upload/download data SFTP 

Furthermore, our positive feedback with the client led to also including further services in our collaboration such as:  

  • Monitoring services with scripts or third-party tools 
  • Occasional coding in SAS platform for better performance 
  • Creating KB for better customer integration (Confluence) 

We ensure our team understands the client’s business by organizing collaboration meetings with client whenever is some new implementation and new features to add. We also take care to document what has already been done and implemented along with some sketches for future improvements shared across all team members. Furthermore, we practice with new ideas and provide them to client as Proof of Concept to solve existent issues or prevent new ones. 

Also, we take care of collaboration and communication with the client with channels that are open to requests for changes, issues, implementations (Cisco Jabber/Teams, Jira, Confluence, GIT, Ticketing). We are also:  

  • Offering best practices and best approach to new challenges/issues inside the project 
  • Delivering quality implementation to avoid repetitive issues in the future 
  • Keeping the team member in sync with documentations, issues, tickets open by grouping around in email distribution list, teams groups, sharing documents and ideas, participate on external events around the technology topic used on client platform , increase knowledge luggage overall for better solving issues etc 

Our way of working includes having weekly meetings about status and further implementations, discussing different approaches and best practices before implementing the best of them and always going the extra mile and delivering best effort in solving the issues even if there is not necessarily in our own area.   

Our SMEs have multiple areas of expertise such as:  

  • Multi-Tier application hosted on Linux environment, 
  • Database administration (Teradata, Oracle DB, PostgreSQL) 
  • Linux bash, Power Shell and python 
  • Networking (Load Balancing + clusters) & Virtualization 

Their technical achievements include:  

  • Oracle Certified Associate: 1Z0-071  
  • Red Hat Certified System Administration  
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder Certified  
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Configuration​ 

The context of the project and the constant involvement of the team members ensure continuous development on the technical side and future growth on additional related projects thanks to people’s skills constant enhancement. 

On the engineering level using Proof of Concept and different technical approaches (re-engineering, architectural changes), to solve recurring issues and to deliver best solution for a performant and stable application environment. 


  • Linux tools and OS 
  • SAS Platform Analytics (data mining, big data, ETL and data integration)  
  • Databases engines (Oracle, Teradata, PostgreSQL) 
  • Scripting (Powershell, bash, other) 
  • Automation and DevOPS tools  


By partnering with Accesa, the client benefits from a stable well-integrated platform with enhanced performance and more resources. More precisely, Accesa ensured: 

  • A platform that is stable and well-integrated with other tools on the client side for communication on marketing campaigns across multiple countries and multiple stores thanks to end-to-end installation and constant bug fixing  
  • Making use of the CRM platform across 7 European countries for creating and executing marketing campaigns. 
  • An everyday execution of approx. 300 campaigns and delivery of export files to third party functionalities such as newsletters, email providers or SMS 
  • Ability to deliver data for newsletters for millions of customers at once in the form of exporting data to external email providers 
  • Aggregated data and analytics from different sources and databases (Oracle, Teradata, CSV, other formats 

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