Client background & business context

Client Profile: A leading German company with a worldwide offering of projects display solutions that are customizable in various fields like: ​

  • Multimedia terminals​
  • Museums, fairs & IT Events​
  • IT Infrastructure & Services 

Project: Application redesign for enhanced UX and functionality


  • The existing application was difficult to maintain due to old technologies and lack of know-how
  • The web application had been built without much consideration for the user experience
  • As the business evolved, the need for some new features arose

Our approach

We developed two applications: one that is web-based and one for the in-place boxes​.

The Web application:

  • comes with a fresh look and capability to manage users and their projects​
  •  has multiple Tickers and Events connected and related for easy accessibility​
  • there are five types of users with role-based access to the application​

The box application:

  • Has two modules, one for control and one for the player ​
  • The desktop application has an embedded browser which can be installed on demand​
  • The player handles the continuous updates coming from the control  


Back-end technologies​

  • Spring boot​
  • Spring Websockets ​
  • Spring Security​
  • Java 8 ​
  • RSYNC​
  • Mybatis​
  • Mysql 8​
  • Ini4j​

Front-end  Technologies​

  • JavaScript ​
  • React​
  • React – websockets​
  • REDUX​
  • Less for styling​
  • Ant design ​


  • Fresh new design for the web application 
  • Implemented the WYSIWYG editor for images, a feature that was not available in the previous version and brought great value to the client’s business
  • A preview functionality for projects media shows was added so that the user can see his/her changes prior to sending them to the box
  • Every change in web-application over projects, tickers and events can be directly published to a specific linked box or broadcasted to all connected under an account
  • Every small and medium-sized media file is securely and fast transferred under the RSYNC scripting library
  • Box applications can be configured to communicate and react to each other to display certain user’s actions result

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