Client background & business context

Custom software development of new features for the existing platform using Amazon Web Services, for a European car manufacturer.


  • Facilitate integration with other domains using a shared architecture
  • Deliver customized software in a serverless architecture
  • Maintain or automate unique business processes and transactions for delivery performance optimization
  • Reduce the amount of time for a task completion by entering process automation.

Our approach

  • We took full ownership over the business goal, through an Autonomous Product Team (APT) responsible for architecture plans, development, testing, rollout, environments, cloud optimisation and monitoring of the project
  • Reduce the complexity by using serverless technologies
  • Delivering more efficient using AWS proprietary services for Automated Tasks and Process
  • Shared service architecture based on microservices
  • High quality standard met by combining Unit testing, Integration tests, Component tests, Contract tests and End-to-End tests


  • On the fly scalability triggered by microservices based architecture
  • Hight quality standard met by combining Manual testing, Automation testing and Performance Testing on the Cloud Project
  • serverless  technologies like: AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway and Amazon SQS
  • Optimized infrastructure cost
  • Fast reaction time to Live Environment Events due of Amazon CloudWatch services

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