Client background & business context

  • Client profile: business and IT consulting firm providing holistic services with a primary focus on the financial services industry. 
  • Project: cloud-based, automated invoice processing software solution meant to digitise the time-consuming, error-prone, manual invoice processing flow within the company.


Due to constant company growth and progress, the client was faced with several challenges regarding incoming invoices: 

  • The complex invoice approval process relied on manual work company-wide
  • Employees had to deal with high volumes of paperwork from different sources. 
  • The invoice processing flow was only heightened during peak weeks of the financial month. 
  • The process of handling incoming invoices entailed long approval times and a lack of overview
  • The client was determined to employ a viable, robust digital solution as soon as possible.

Our approach

Given the insights provided by a thorough analysis of the client’s business, as well as the pain points of the invoice processing flow, we identified the digital solution to best suit our client’s business needs: a Microsoft 365-based solution to digitize, simplify, and modernize the process of working with invoices.

To fully support this solution and bring benefits to the client, we:

  • Designed a flexible and robust workflow engine to support the approval process
  • Integrated Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer for quick text extraction, which supports the accounts receivable team and all company departments every month in the management and approval of invoices
  • Implemented a mechanism for automated archiving of processed invoices to minimize manual work

In carrying out the project, we opted for the agile methodology, with milestone-based delivery. Not only did this support the priorities set by the customer, but it also enabled us to deliver in a short time frame, enabling the client to quickly undergo a highly effective digital transformation.

Essential within every single one of our projects, transparent and constant communication was crucial to building the application right, but to also building it fast.


  • Microsoft 365
  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Azure
  • .NET Framework
  • Angular JS
  • WebAPI


The Microsoft 365-based application designed and developed by us specifically for the client’s invoice processing flow resulted in increased time efficiency, the elimination of possible human errors, ease of processing information, as well as documented approval processes.

More specifically, collaboration with us resulted in:

  • Company-wide modernisation: high volumes of time-consuming, error-prone, manual work were eliminated.
  • Increased efficiency: the software application provided is a one-stop shop for processing invoices, enabling employees to quickly and precisely manage incoming data in just a few clicks; the approval process is automated and thus considerably simplified.
  • Boosted employee satisfaction: the digitisation and automation of the accounts payable flow led to employees dedicating their newly gained time to value-adding tasks.
  • Centralised, traceable invoice processing: every processed invoice is added to the archive, whenever and wherever available, for further checks; at the same time, the platform provides a history of every action the invoice has been subjected to, providing everyone involved with a clear overview.
  • Mobility: adhering to the principles of a modern workplace, employees can access and use the provided application via mobile devices as well, enjoying a personalised user experience and the means to get the job done quickly and effectively.

To this day, the project is ongoing; we offer full support for the constant optimisation of the application.

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