Opportunity summary

In this role, you will interact with different stakeholders to understand the business context and support them in the goal of delivering a high-end financial service. You will participate in all aspects of the software development lifecycle and have the opportunity to contribute with solutions to improve our customer’s product.

About the project

The project focuses on creating a brand-new application in the financial industry, specifically in improving the portfolio management process – delivering value by assessing data during the portfolio valuation process.

It will extract information in various types and formats from upstream systems, validate, aggregate and oversee it, then later-on it will provide this information to downstream systems in their predefined required formats.

Our client is a Swiss software development company that has its own products in the financial industry, for accounting and planning of hedge funds.

Accesa provided the client with a dedicated product team with senior professionals, all capable of contributing not only technically, but also in terms of business and process proposals. The team is dedicated to co-create the product, by shaping also the requirements together with the client

Your team

The current team consists of 16 members, mainly senior professionals. The team is split in 2 groups: one in Cluj-Napoca (10 members) and one in Zurich, customer side, 6 members.

Your role

  • Analyze requested features from technical and functional points of view while being proactive and coming with suggestions
  • Ensure code implementation is optimal and compliant in areas of object-oriented design, testing, and error-handling
  • Work with data experts and architects on data models, proof of concepts and technical designs as required by a feature
  • Offer support to other colleagues via knowledge-transfer sessions, code review, technical documentation

Match your skills

Must have

  • 5+ years of Java (8+) web apps development
  • Very good knowledge related to design patterns and clean code
  • Extensive understanding of Spring Stack (Web, Security, IoC, Data)
  • Deep understanding of JPA + ORM (Hibernate) + RDS (PostgreSQL)
  • Exposure to integration/unit tests (Spring Test)
  • Familiar with Gradle / Maven
  • Experience with Groovy

Nice to have

  • Apache Nifi 
  • JBoss Drools
  • HTML + JS (TS/Angular 8+) 
  • JHipster technologies stack
  • Liquibase for database migrations
  • Docker for development/deployments
  • Websockets


At Accesa you can

Join self-managed communities of IT experts that co-design their own learning programs. 

Be part of a cell-based organization where we favor agility over rigid processes and freedom over control. 

Enjoy a holistic benefits program which empowers your: 

  • Work-Life Balance: home office, flexible schedule, parenting workshops, vacation package 
  • Physical Well-being: in-house fitness instructor, themed workshops, nutrition counseling, private medical insurance 
  • Social Well-being: hobby clubs to support your passions, improve workshops, team building activities, social events 
  • Emotional Well-being: in-house certified coach, focus and mindfulness apps, emotional intelligence (EQ) workshops, CPI personality assessments

Join the team

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