DevOps Engineer




 Devops & Continous Delivery


As a DevOps Engineer in Accesa, you will have the opportunity to work alongside skilled and fun people, and cover various services: from application support & implementing CI+CD workflows, to new architecture infrastructure design and implementation.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about and work with: Docker, Openstack private cloud, Consul, Ruxit (Dynatrace), Graylog, Ansible, Icinga, Pandora, Grafana, ELK, Gitlab, Rocket.Chat, Jenkins, Atlassian suite (Jira, Bamboo, Stash, Confluence), Groovy, Python, Bash, RedHat, Java, Postgres & MariaDB clusters, Mongodb, Wildfly, Tomcat, Maven, Sonar, Artifactory, Nginx

About the team

You will be part of Accesa’s DevOps team, which is currently composed of 20+ people with various seniority level, working on a total of 20+ projects for both external customers and internal projects. Our focus is on the DevOps mindset which consists of continuous improvement, collaboration and efficient communication between all teams and stakeholders involved.

Your role:

Manage Docker images and containers

Manage Linux instances and environments

Investigate and troubleshoot issues

Install monitoring scripts and integrate different systems

Contribute to and maintain system standards

Develop and maintain installation and configuration procedures

Research and recommend solutions, and where possible automate approaches for project tasks

Be transparent and responsible, communicate often, be an excellent team player, promote a DevOps mindset across teams and work in a collaborative environment

Assist and support colleagues with their tasks

Match your skills:

Very good understanding of Linux systems

Web servers knowledge (Nginx, Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server)

Experience with system virtualisation (VMware, Xen, kvm)

Good scripting knowledge (Bash, Python)

System and application monitoring implementation

General experience in network administration (TCP/UDP, DHCP, DNS, routing, firewall, load balancing)

General database knowledge

Excellent communication skills

Have a desire to learn new technologies at an operational level and share knowledge with the team

Willing to develop:

Docker experience (building and orchestrating)

Development knowledge (Java, Frontend frameworks)

Scripting experience (Groovy, Perl)

Cloud experience (AWS, Openstack, Google Cloud)

Reasons to join Accesa

Long-Term Development:

Your growth is encouraged and sustained, to have a lifelong impact on your career.

Technical workshops, trainings, certifications

Performance bonuses may be granted for projects and specialized trainings

English and German in-house classes

Dedicated time for study and research

Internal library and e-learning platforms access

Innovation & Challenges:

We ensure an environment where you are free to be creative and innovative, where you are encouraged and guided to achieve your professional goals.

Leadership, project management and consultancy learning programs

Hackathons and ideas incubator

Cell-based organisation & agile work environment

Equilibrium – Wellbeing Program:

Building a career and enjoying a thriving personal time can be challenging. That’s why we are committed to empowering you with the necessary tools, resources and strategies, you need to drive your lifestyle choices to a happy and a healthy path.

Work-Life Balance: flexible schedule, home office, vacation package – extra day each year

Physical Wellbeing: fitness instructor, sports & swimming classes, nutrition counseling, private medical insurance

Social Wellbeing: hobby clubs to support your passions, team building activities, weekly and annual social events, GoPro communication trainings, acts of kindness

Emotional Wellbeing: In-house coach (psychologist), focus and mindfulness apps, soft skills workshops, CPI personality assessments

Not necessarily looking for a job, but for a real development opportunity?

We might have you covered on this.