Data Scientist

Cluj-Napoca / Oradea


 Business Accelerator


As a Data Scientist in Accesa, you will turn data into information, information into insights and insights into business decisions. Our Business Accelerator cell focuses on product consultancy services which integrate disruptive technologies, for industries such as manufacturing, retail and financial services.

About the team

You will be part of a dedicated team for data analysis and predictive analytics activities, working with the existing team experienced in product management, enterprise integration solution and data management. The team will be part of a new department that develops big data services and validates market opportunities.

About the projects

As a Data Scientist within the Business Accelerator cell, you’ll have the opportunity to conduct full life-cycle analysis to include requirements, activities and design to make an impact on businesses, through an agile approach and team work.

Your role:

Implement Machine Learning models  (clustering and categorization scenarios)

Pre-processing and labeling of structured and unstructured data 

Conduct analysis comparison among different machine learning and deep learning models

Calibrate the models and algorithms for specific problems and needs

Setup development environment

Setup for scaling the processing of large data

Match your skills:

Experience with statistical models and machine learning algorithms

Experience with clustering and categorization

Able to calibrate the models and algorithms for specific problems and needs

Able to handle very large data (1TB+) data sets

Able to optimize training speed with GPUs

2y+ experience with Python

1y+ experience with Tensorflow and/or Keras

Reasons to join Accesa

Long-Term Development:

Your growth is encouraged and sustained, to have a lifelong impact on your career.

Technical workshops, trainings, certifications

Performance bonuses may be granted for projects and specialized trainings

English and German in-house classes

Dedicated time for study and research

Internal library and e-learning platforms access

Innovation & Challenges:

We ensure an environment where you are free to be creative and innovative, where you are encouraged and guided to achieve your professional goals.

Leadership, project management and consultancy learning programs

Hackathons and ideas incubator

Cell-based organisation & agile work environment

Equilibrium – Wellbeing Program:

Building a career and enjoying a thriving personal time can be challenging. That’s why we are committed to empowering you with the necessary tools, resources and strategies, you need to drive your lifestyle choices to a happy and a healthy path.

Work-Life Balance: flexible schedule, home office, vacation package – extra day each year

Physical Wellbeing: fitness instructor, sports & swimming classes, nutrition counseling, private medical insurance

Social Wellbeing: hobby clubs to support your passions, team building activities, weekly and annual social events, GoPro communication trainings, acts of kindness

Emotional Wellbeing: In-house coach (psychologist), focus and mindfulness apps, soft skills workshops, CPI personality assessments

Not necessarily looking for a job, but for a real development opportunity ?

We might have you covered on this.