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Headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and with offices in Zurich, Frankfurt, Oradea and Munich, Accesa is a privately-owned company with a distinctive people-first culture that thrives on engineering proficiency. Over the past 16 years, it has been focusing on problem-solving through technology that seamlessly integrates into people’s lives, driving value for both businesses and their customers. The company is committed to delivering a 5-star experience for all their customers and a fulfilling career for its people.

With over 700 professionals, within more than 20 competence centers, Accesa is establishing itself as an employer of choice for engineers looking to consistently have a real, tangible impact through their work. Partnering with companies in Retail and Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and Automotive to Banking and Insurance, Accesa helps businesses and people embrace flexibility, adaptability and evolution within their digital journey.

About the project

The business need behind one of the projects is the waste reduction in the process of car bodies painting and drying. The application will predict how a car body will behave in an oven with certain parameters, based on data collected by different types of sensors. The data will be used for monitoring and controlling purposes and for running different simulations.

For the second project the team developed a tool that shows an overview of the Paintshop with the focus on Product Quality. It collects raw measurements and transforms them into meaningful data in order to help the customer identify and fix defects in their Paintshop production line.

The third project relates to the final step of the painting process, which is the quality inspection. The Quality Inspection tool has the purpose of helping operators at a production line to do inspection of workpieces with an intuitive and easy to use mobile device.

Your team

Your team consists of Front-end/Back-end developers, QA, UI/UX designer,  PO (customer),  Data scientists (customer) and the Scrum Master. The development life cycle is organized using an iteration-based Agile with 3 weeks sprints.

Job Description

Your role

  • Backlog Management: write and update User Stories, prepare Sprint backlog for Refinement and Planning Meetings
  • Prioritize features and decide which functionalities go in each version
  • Manage scope creep
  • Understand users, their problems and needs
  • User testing and feedback
  • Communicate needs clearly, make sure requirements are clearly understood by the team
  • Support team with explaining user stories, producing documentation they might require
  • Research latest trends in the automotive digital industry

Real impact, one step at a time

You will have the opportunity to work with a cross-functional, multi-cultural and multi-site team. As a member of the team, you will be a key player in the digitalization process of painting/drying equipment analytics, having the chance to gather knowledge about a rich technological context, the Product Management field and the Digital Factory business area.

Professional opportunities

In this role, you will interact with different stakeholders to understand the business context and support them in the digitalization process.

Community insights

Our competence center supports professional development according to the individual needs and the project context.


  • Adaptability / openness to change
  • Presentation skills (English and German)
  • Communication and active listening - adapt communication style to audience/ situation
  • Relationship & stakeholder management
  • Negotiation
  • Consultancy
  • Technology enthusiast
  • Knowledge of tools in the Product Management area (Jira, any wireframing tool)

Additional Information

At Accesa you can

Join self-managed communities of IT experts that co-design their own learning programs. Be part of a cell-based organization where we favor agility over rigid processes and freedom over control. 

Enjoy a holistic benefits program which empowers your: 

  • Work-Life Balance: home office, flexible schedule, parenting workshops, vacation package 
  • Physical Well-being: in-house fitness instructor, themed workshops, nutrition counseling, private medical insurance 
  • Social Well-being: hobby clubs to support your passions, improve workshops, team building activities, social events 
  • Emotional Well-being: in-house certified coach, focus and mindfulness apps, emotional intelligence (EQ) workshops, CPI personality assessments

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