Leverage lean-agile-DevOps teams to reliably predict, plan and implement IT initiatives end to end by using agile methods, collaboration and automation services

Why partner with us?

Quicker project delivery for partners

Transparency in collaboration

Co-innovation for partners

English and German language skills

Integrated multidisciplinary teams

Low employee fluctuation

High value for money

Collaboration flow


Clarifying business requirements

Project Management Plan

Technical Setup


Team and velocity stabilization

Knowledge uptake

Risk mitigation

Sprint 1, planning for next phase


Sprint 2 – n, delivering added value

Predictable velocity and value

Optimization of results

Autonomous product teams

Complete self-managed implementation teams that deliver specific business capabilities defined and prioritized by a Product Owner.
Typically they consist of a full skill set covering business analysis, UX, project management, architecture, quality assurance, development, testing, application management and operations.


Agile Scrum

Case studies

Retail customer

The collaboration started in October 2013.

First milestone: 2016 – 130 people involved in a variety of projects and competence areas (eg. Java, SAP, Testing & QA, Application Infrastructure, Enterprise Application Integration, etc.).

Strategic scope: ensure specific competences are qualitatively available mid to long term. Develop specific capabilities – agility, continuous delivery, internationalization, mindset.

Tactical scope: Scale resources, Costs efficiency.

Scientific instruments customer

To ensure scalability and flexibility as the software solution took shape, Accesa adopted an Agile-Scrum methodology, the project team growing progressively to 25 specialists organized in 5 teams.

3 x Autonomous Product Teams liaising with 3 Product Owners corresponding to each product line,  Product Manager accountable for the overall product, including generic issues and features.

1 x R&D team focused on Image Analysis and Algorithm Definition.

1 x Architecture governance team.


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