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Competence Center

Helping organizations improve their digital workplaces for better collaboration

To do that, we’ve defined a stack of competencies that render organizations the flexibility they need to achieve their potential as digital workplaces, such as:


for the IT management of a digital workplace, tailored to achieve unprecedented agility every step of the way.
Depending on the IT strategy’s objective: either it’s migration, modernization, set-up or maintenance, we pivot our approach as to help you at any stage of your project.

If you’re planning to modernize, optimize or enhance your digital workplace, we can help with functional expertise, best practices in terms of governance and architectural solutions for either your intranet, CRM or internal social platform.

You have in-place requirements for a project and you’re looking for professionals with experience in SharePoint development, add-on development for Office 365 or architecture. That’s where our SharePoint Competence Center comes in with a rich portfolio in solving business challenges such as: collaboration and knowledge discovery, business processes, workflows, external systems migration and integration.

You have your digital workplace up and running, but as technology and user experience move at such as fast pace, you need a reliable technology expert to help you keep up the step. From providing technical training to ensuring both application and infrastructure level support & maintenance, we help digital workplace environments operate at their maximum performance, whilst providing change-related solutions.

functional expertise for digital workplaces

that translates business and organizational challenges into solutions based on SharePoint, Office 365, Nintex & K2

Exposed to some of the most challenging projects, our team is now looking at technical issues from an additional functional perspective, thus providing specific solutions for:


Contract management, issue/invoice/order tracking and physical/digital access management or project portfolio management are just some of the types of projects we’ve worked on until now. We tackle workflow and process-related projects from different angles, using the appropriate tools such as Nintex Workflows, K2, Visual Studio, and even custom workflow engines that enable Dynamic Case Management.  


One of our focuses is about assisting organizations to efficiently manage their information architecture and overall governance by either preparing whole environments for collaboration or sharing, or just by creating modules such as corporate news rooms or document centers that allow global management of information.


Along the way, in our projects, we’ve met some of the strictest requirements for quality, security and data integrity. As a result, we’ve acquired the necessary know-how to plan, implement and maintain consistency of complex migration and integration projects in SharePoint, both with proprietary software and platforms such as SAP or Lotus Notes.


We make use of our usability planning and UI design expertise to create an interactive user experience that helps increase user adoption and facilitate eDiscovery; we also define navigation solutions and custom information architectures that enhance relevance of the tool across the organization, an aspect that quickly becomes critical once information architecture goes beyond a few thousand nodes.


For a seamless, true-to-the-brand digital workplace experience, we design and customize portals and applications, integrate them with communication applications such as Yammer – all by considering the brand’s requirements for a cohesive identity. 

products for Office 365 and SharePoint

that can easily integrate within digital workplaces and expand the possibilities for more effective collaboration

To support organisations in their quest for quicker and more efficient results in their digital workplaces, we learn from our challenges and create products that can cut off from the time of development that would normally be invested in the case of a custom solution.

Aimed at transforming the way people work within the digital workplace, the app is designed to render better process efficiency and faster organisation when using SharePoint lists. The app helps users to visualise, add and modify activities in a more user-friendly way, enabling a full-customization of processes and workflows.

Using natural language processing technology, AI Attachr smartens up your experience using Outlook by simplifying how you search and attach files from SharePoint. Take fewer steps in finding a file in SharePoint’s complex & highly distributed site structure. Instead, stay focused on writing e-mails without switching windows – AI Attachr is accessible from your Outlook window. Let the AI Attachr what files you need to find – using plain English.


Available in the form of flexible partnerships, our services and expertise can be tailored
to fit the needs of any IT strategy

We’re ready to discuss
how we can help you put flexibility
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