Internship Cluj-Napoca

At Accesa, we believe that it’s not too early to start early – you can get on your way to becoming a true software specialist even from your early college years. And our internship programs are a great way to start.

Join Accesa’s TechCampus internship programs to get off on the right foot in becoming a true specialist in Web Development.


  • Passion for technology: you want to play & work with C# or Java
  • Eagerness to learn more about JavaScript, jQuery, WebServices & REST
  • Strong analytical skills and good communication skills


Apply now!

Go to and submit your application.


  • Application deadline: April 8th
  • Spring internship starts on April 18th 2016 (duration: 6 weeks)


  • Application deadline: June 5th
  • Summer internship starts on July 4th 2016 (duration: 6 weeks)


What you’ll experience:

  • A complete learning program going through all layers of development: database, back-end, middle layer and front-end
  • A vibrant atmosphere and culture
  • A paid internship experience
  • A flexible schedule
  • An opportunity to work among some of the best specialists in Cluj-Napoca
  • Guidance from passionate professionals
  • An opportunity for permanent collaboration


Don’t miss this internship opportunity!