Curious what can happen to you in one year if you become our client?


Be taken by surprise at how quickly you can plan and realize your strategy for 2016 and beyond
In the past year, we’ve been recognized by our clients as distinctively responsive to their requests, overall efficient in problem-solving and very flexible in our project management approach. In 2016, we’re determined to stay on the same track and continue to impress our clients. Of course, all without compromising the quality of our services, our architects‘, consultants‘ and engineers‘ invested efforts in finding the best solutions for every project.


Meet some of the brightest minds in IT in Europe
Cluj-Napoca is reputed for its IT university, training over a couple of hundreds of new IT students every year. Also Cluj is known as an important tech hub in Europe, and we, too, work with world-class clients which chose Cluj as a destination for the unique mix of talent and quality of services.


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Plan, build and run your solutions with only one team
Regardless if your project is just a few months long, or just a little over one year, you can start planning it, building it and run it without spending extra time to research other partners that can help you get your project up and running.


For 365 days, be at rest that your products and services are handled in your best interest
We only gain satisfaction by knowing that our solutions have added value to the business, and that’s why in all our working days we invest effort in finding the best alternative solutions, using our technical, creative and analytical skills.


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Experience an unprecedented acceleration of your innovation and change initiatives
By planning ahead, we can find together ways to bring that product to market faster or to deliver that internal solution quicker in order to generate change within your organization. Whatever your ambitions, 2016 is the year when you can take a step ahead the competition or take a step towards increased efficiency.


Enjoy great flexibility
We know that every client is different. That’s why after knowing you a bit, we use to adapt our services and collaboration approach according to your project’s needs. We do this before the project can start, so that you are always in control and know exactly what to expect from us.


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Get in touch with us and let’s see how we can help you reach the results you are working towards. Or click here to read about the journey that we’ve had in 2015 and our focus for 2016.