Report: Tap into these two SAP trends to create new business value in 2016


As you might already know, SAP is on a fast track towards re-engineering its entire product range, from its On-Demand Services to HANA and many others. As such, it can sometimes be difficult for SAP customers to understand where SAP is heading and what topics should be taken into consideration in the near future.


From a strategic perspective, we think that for each company using SAP, it is key to be aware of how emerging trends might impact the business‘ model and we find it useful to provide knowledge to our clients that can enable value-generating shifts within the organization.


The present SAP Report discusses how trends change businesses in 2016, focusing on how companies could leverage their data to keep up with the market’s dynamic.


Iosif Sass, our SAP Managing Consultant, takes a closer look at two trends, providing insight that helps set the track for better business in 2016:


Integrated Digital Enterprise – Why change management should become a priority? and How can a company use its data to become an Integrated Digital Enterprise?
Internet of Things – What technologies and capabilities does SAP bring to the table? and How building an IoT solution can be build to bring value to the business?


Download the full report here.