Aiming to push out traditional management functions to all employees, not just to the selected few

This June, at the Biannual Activity Report Event – Accesa in the Spotlight. We all play a part – held at the Florin Piersic Cinema, the entire team gathered to get the latest updates about the company’s performance in the last 6 months, this also being an excellent opportunity to acknowledge employees’ merits and remind them of their value.

The main topic of the event revolved around the importance of Self-Management and its impact on every corner of the organisation. This is aligned with one of the distinctive features that Accesa has, and that is – empowering its people.

As such, the organization was literally in the Spotlight, as attendees could listen to a series of presentations about empowerment, aiming to remind each and every member of the team of their value by giving them the chance of standing out.

Self-Management as the key to professional freedom

“Accesa is aiming to push out traditional management functions to all employees instead of just a selected few. The adopted model will give people the freedom they need towards accomplishing their personal and professional mission. They decide their own career path, collaborate and communicate with others and make business decisions they are in the best position to make. But self-management works only if people take initiative, are being proactive and decide to be in charge of themselves” explained Iulian Iuga Managing Director of Accesa during his presentation.

Today a self-growing community, tomorrow a self-organized entity

Having the concept of Self-Management as a leading basis, the 10 Competence Centers which shaped out along the years in Accesa had great achievements not only with new, challenging projects, but also through an important increase of new valuable members.

In this regard, the Business Quality and Processes Competence Center stood out in the past 6 months through its growth and involvement not only in their work, but also for their consolidation – as a community.

Their achievements were noticed and awarded with the “Most (Pro)active Competence Center” prize; a symbol for initiative and passion.

Making our own decisions leads the company towards achieving a higher maturity level

Another example of self-management within Accesa is the Project Management Office (PMO) cell. The cell consists of a self-governing team of people, who set their main goal in the supply of a full set of professional Project Management services and operational support for organizational development.

“By encouraging the absence of hierarchy, shared responsibility and good communication throughout the organization we hope to achieve a higher maturity level in providing an optimized delivery of products and enable continuous improvement” explained Smaranda Ciurdărean, one of the PMO team members.

Self-Management calls for the leader in you

While management copes with complexity, leadership deals with change.

Accesa has always aimed to manage change, first of all through having a team capable and ready to take any challenge into their own hands.

The „Accesa in the Spotlight – We all play a part“ event has, thus, been another great opportunity to highlight the importance of self-management and igniting leadership in each and every member of our community. For this is the fuel to the development of all of us.