VISO – Real Time Document Management Solution

Business context

2Solution together with Accesa has specified and implemented Airbus VISO, a cloud based software tool suite for process management in enhanced enterprise environments.

The Airbus VISO (a XDF Process extension)is used by the Process Assurance Department of Airbus in Germany, France, United Kingdom and Spain. The delivery process, outlined by common actions and sustained efforts, was completed through a long-term partnership: the project business analysis and the sales process were conducted and finalized by 2Solution, while the technology consulting and software development services were assured by Accesa.
The application is used also by other international companies such as SQS and APSYS (an EADS subsidiary).

Project Overview

Airbus VISO manages and processes data and documents belonging to the Process Assurance Department of Airbus. The integrated workflow management involved the creation of a new concept in the process management area.

A typical industry project collects many data in corresponding documents and this produces a huge amount of inconsistence. To overcome this drawback, the Airbus VISO software application uses the XDF Process principles.

XDF Process is based on the eXperienced Document Framework from 2Solution and provides the query language XDFL to read, write and synchronize the content of a huge family of document formats. As such, XDFL allows the synchronization of a big amount of data between unlimited transverse relationships of documents within company structures.

The application is based on client-server architecture and within its structure the following industry pillars can be identified:

  • process planning and assurance
  • project management
  • configuration management

accesa’s team was involved in the design, development and deployment of the two major structure components of the project:

  • the Client Application for documents processing
  • the Server Application where the data is stored

Our team worked in closed partnership with 2Solution project management, developers and SQS testers in order to optimize the application and its performance and to assure a high availability and accessibility. We have also designed and developed a version of the Server Application by starting from the scratch.


The project was based on Agile Methodology and the development process assumed: assessment of application functionalities, architecture design, deployment into production, automated and manual testing.


The complex architecture forced us to sustain a consequent refactoring process to ensure that customer’s requirements related to quality, security and performance were met. The challenge of following these requirements while not overrunning project’s budget and timing limitations was overcome through a very good communication at all sites.


The application enables Airbus Process Assurance department to better manage, store, access and process company documentation on a real-time basis.


Microsoft .Net Framework – WCF, Windows Services, WPF
2Solution eXperienced Document Framework (XDF)

Time Frame

The project started in December, 2011 and is still ongoing.