BI Docu Performer

Business context

Nowadays, organizations all over the world face increasing volumes of business data locked within databases and applications.  The need of having a simplified access to critical corporate data becomes a matter of efficiency and performance. SAP BW systems provide self-service access to company insights and data and thus enabling business users to make faster and more documented decisions.

Bluetelligence addresses the reality of today’s databases complexity by developing together with Accesa the BI Docu Performer, an add-on software documentation tool for SAP Business Warehouse.

The software was designed and developed  through a long-lasting partnership that uniquely combined two main technological focuses: bluetelligence came with its wide expertise in SAP tools and applications, while Accesa leveraged its experience and skills in Microsoft technologies and SAP-Microsoft integration. BI Docu Performer is currently used as a standard solution for documentation by leading companies in various industries.

Project Overview

BI Docu Performer is a software tool dedicated to the documentation and analysis of BI systems. Given the complexity of company insights and data, SAP business users have to manage difficult tasks that often require a high degree of qualification. BI Docu Performer is especially created to enhance SAP BI functions and limitations while offering a high level of automation.

The application is designed to support the whole lifecycle of various projects and provides a comprehensive documentation of all objects of SAP BW. It allows the study of interdependencies between SAP entities and creates standardization potential for business processes optimization.

Through a long-lasting partnership with bluetelligence, Accesa deployed its Microsoft expertise within all stages of the product creation and features enhancement. Our team assisted bluetelligence consultants along the entire software application lifecycle and was involved into all aspects of technology consulting, architecture, development and SAP-Microsoft integration. Our business usability consulting services have constantly pursued the scope of simplifying user experience and better embedding BI within daily business processes.

In order to meet high performance requirements and to assure a fast return on investment, BI Docu Performer was composed from 4 integrated modules:

  • documentation module  enables detailed  business and technical documentation of all areas of SAP BW deployed in an automatic way and allows complete traceability of all changes in the system
  • commenting module allows having complete descriptions of all objects in the SAP BW systems and also descriptions of whole scenarios or projects; user generated comments and technical documentations from SAP can be combined within a user-defined structure
  • analysis  module enables to perform automatically various complex analysis which are particularly helpful when coming to time critical tasks
  • modeling module extends the functionality of the application so that it can support projects already in the Business Blueprint phase

BI Docu Performer provides multi language support and enables a structured storage of created documentation while providing transparency and enabling to set standards.


Our team worked in closed partnership with bluetelligence business analysts and SAP consultants to define project’s technological scope and to make sure the business usability of the application is in line with business goals. Accesa’s expertise was leveraged into all critical phases of the application lifecycle: technology consulting, architecture design, assessment of application functionalities, development, business usability and Microsoft technologies integration with SAP.

The working methodology was based on Agile principles.


The application’s performance and usability was highly influenced by the ever-increasing volume of data and the complexity of data structures. As such, our team was constantly involved in the refactoring process in order to optimize system’s performance and to ensure the best response timings in accessing and extracting the critical data from the SAP BW systems were reached.


BI Docu Performer addresses an existing market need of having an automated and well-structured documentation of all objects of SAP BW. The application enables companies to work with a large amount of highly complex and interconnected data which can be analyzed, commented and documented in an automated way. It also allows easy system setup without complex installation in SAP.


WinForms, DevExpress Controls, XPO, SQL Server 2008

Open XML/generation in Office formats

Theobald Components

Time Frame

Start date in March, 2010 and still ongoing.