BattleLab Robotica 2015, an epic competition

BattleLab Robotica is an annual competition for students passionate about robotics. The event’s challenge is to create autonomous sumo robots, which are able to identify and remove from the playing area adverse robot in one-on-one competitions. The contest is organized by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN), in collaboration with BEST and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

In the 2015 edition of BattleLab Robotica, which took place on the 9th of May, Accesa has sponsored one of the competing teams, Chrome Valkyrie. So on Saturday morning we equipped ourselves with cheerfulness, charged the batteries, took the camera and went to UTCN to support the team from the very first battle.

Chrome Valkyrie team before BattleLab Robotica

Chrome Valkyrie team before the competition

The competition started at 10.30 a.m. with a short introduction by one of the UTCN’s representatives. Within several minutes, the organizers created groups of teams. Chrome Valkyrie was in the fourth group, so they started the first battle around 3 p.m. From this point, for 5 hours, we engaged in an epic competition and shared with the team moments of joy, success and moment of difficulty. The most revealing moments under pressure were when the team had to replace the wheels and the battery. They undertook these challenges very seriously and succeeded to revitalize the robot rapidly. But the most spectacular moments were just about to come…

Let’s see what we’re talking about. This video is worth a thousand words. Enjoy!

Accesa – BattleLab Robotica 2015 from Accesa on Vimeo.

The team we supported with such an enthusiasm got in the big final and won the second prize.

Chrome Valkyrie winning BattleLab Robotica

Behind the scenes

To take their passion further, the team worked for several months at the robot. Ordering components, designing, assembling pieces, focusing on electronics and mechanic, coding, testing and testing again were just the rough stages of their entire project.

Before BattleLab Robotica, they have been participating at one of the biggest competitions for self-made, autonomous and mobile robots worldwide, RobotChallenge, which took place in Vienna, Austria, in April 2015. This experience helped them to analyze other robots behavior, improve their strategies or create new ones, consolidate their strengths.

As a reward for their months of work in the area of informatics, electronics, mechanics, they were given the opportunity to present their robot to an enthusiastic audience. And we are more than happy that we have supported them!

Future plans

Believing in their courage to take their passion forward, we are proud to have sponsored them, and we won’t stop here. As we encourage innovation and initiative, we will continue to support the team later in their future plans.

Excellent job! Congratulations Filip Lupas, Codrin Goia, Andreea Todasca, Claudiu Guja – Chrome Valkyrie team!

Chrome Valkyrie winning BattleLab Robotica

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