Accesa was at the first edition of ITO&BPO Germany Forum 2014

This fall, Accesa was present at the first edition of ITO&BPO Forum that took place in Berlin on October 1st.

ITO&BPO Germany Forum 2014

Participating along other 100 key people in the industry, we also had the honor of supporting the event as speakers and by hosting the informal evening reception that closed the event.

The Forum reunited decision makers, IT finance and procurement specialists across Europe that were interested in getting a big picture over the continental outsourcing trends, and also about exchanging knowledge concerning existing collaboration models, best practices and solutions.

In the first part of the event, Iulian Iuga, Accesa’s CEO, member of the General Council in the German Outsourcing Association and representative of Romania’s Chair in the Association, presented its perspective on IT service delivery. Mr. Iuga highlighted the IT delivery’s transformation over the years, through its evolution – organizationally speaking, and in connection with the levels of expertise that an IT service company can provide within the needs of the business ecosystem.

Accesa at ITO & BPO Forum Germany

Accesa at ITO & BPO Forum Germany

Organized by the German Outsourcing Association, the event is the only independent international event for the ITO&BPO industry in Germany, gathering participants from almost 20 countries. We applaud the initiative and look forward to the next edition.