…unveiling another Accesa milestone: Rebranding Celebration

We have recently celebrated in a five-star ambiance our rebranding to Accesa, marking the new positioning as a technology consulting company.

On Friday, 15th of March 2013, we have launched our new image and officially became Accesa. During the day, we have welcomed our clients at Accesa headquarter and enjoyed spending a pleasant time with them. On the occasion, they have visited our new office located in the heart of Cluj-Napoca and took the opportunity to meet the entire Accesa team.

rebrandingIn the evening we have gathered all together and we celebrated the success. And this is another story to be told … after a long time of exploring our brand substance and identity, we realized it’s not about us: it’s about us in partnership with our clients for helping them perform better. So, we made things happen. And we like to believe the point where we are now suits us the best.

The event was attended by 150 guests including partners, clients and Accesa team members to witness the rebranding which signifies a new milestone on company’s journey. “The decision to rebrand is a result of our sustained and ongoing commitment to investing in technology services. We are more than glad to be able to provide our clients with a new and unified brand they can look to for technology consulting and software development services across Europe. Having established offices in the proximity of our customers’ locations (Germany and Romania), we believe this change has the ability to open up new opportunities for clients within Europe and not only.”, said Mr. Iulian Iuga, Accesa’s CEO.

The rebranding event was highlighted by Accesa’s CEO speech through which he shared his experience as a former technology consultant for German companies and as an entrepreneur, by remembering how Accesa was established back in 2004. The evening was a joyful and delightful one, when all of us felt in good company.  In between the artistic moments, one of our clients related the success story of the long-term partnership with Accesa, while Mr. Victor Gavronschi, a well-known marketing specialist from Cluj-Napoca, talked about rebranding perspectives and implications over one company’s business trajectory.

At the end of the day, we asked ourselves what we believe about our rebranding…. We believe our new look entails our motivation: what we do, we do best; and what we have, we give forward: to our customers, our friends, our family and our colleagues. It’s not a statement about who we could sometimes be; it’s a confirmation about being “Simply us”.

We simply hope you like our fresh new look and our new brand!

Accesa Team

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