Accesa @ CeBIT 2013 spotlights the new trend in knowledge sharing: “shareconomy”

This year’s CeBIT keynote theme, “Shareconomy”, emphasizes the sharing of know-how, contacts and assets, both in and outside the company. Accesa confirmed today’s orientation towards networking and networked processes by showcasing its experience in developing and managing software tools that enable sharing.  

Accesa participated again in the biggest IT exhibition center in the world, CeBIT, held in Hanover (Germany) from 5 to 9th of March. Heaving a wide portfolio of software services that address IT companies, start-ups and large-scale organizations, Accesa consolidated its stature of preferred technology partner regarding collaboration tools designed with SharePoint.

sigla Cebit 2013“With this year’s CeBIT, we had the opportunity to strengthen the business relations with our partners from Germany and to establish contact with potential customers interested in Microsoft technology area. Considering that since last year our company specialized in offering not only software development, but also technology consulting services our presence at CeBIT represented another taken step in promoting our company image at European level.

The main theme of this fair, “Shareconomy”, was of particular interest as in today’s world the sharing phenomenon tends to change the way we work. The ever-increasing use of social media tools becomes more and more popular. We had the occasion to share with customers and visitors our expertise in designing and developing new collaboration tools in SharePoint and to showcase our offering in other Microsoft technologies.”, declared Gagyi Botond, Accesa’s IT Services Consultant.